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Audio & Video - Zink
BAND HUNTERS 6 - "Eyes to the Sky" BAND HUNTERS 3 - The Perfect Storm BAND HUNTERS 2 - The Breaking Point
"Eyes to the Sky" is simply a look back at an incredible season of mallards dropping from the heavens into Arkansas timber, hiking through sub-zero temperatures in Wisconsin looking for open water on the river, setting up on a favorite duck pond in Kansas and Oklahoma, then head out west for late season honkers. This adventure has it all. Join Zink's team from around the United States as they pursue the best passion around, waterfowl!

AX-FG-ACCS-60743 BAND HUNTERS 6 - "Eyes to the Sky"
$12.99 Ea.

Fred Zink and The BandHunters of Avian-X are at it again, and this time, they show swarms of Buckeye mallards and wood ducks, Kansas honkers, and Sooner State greenheads and pintails absolutely no mercy. Snow, rain, wind, bitter cold, a mechanical meltdown in Kansas - obstacles for ordinary waterfowlers, but The BandHunters are anything but ordinary!

Come along with the Avian-X Team as they combine forces with Zach White of Prairie Thunder Outfitters for some once-in-a-lifetime honker shoots. Watch as Zink Pro-Staffer, Kenny Thompson, and hunting partner, Travis See, of PatternMaster Chokes put the smackdown on Kansas greenheads. Then it's mallard mayhem and lesser canada chaos in Oklahoma, as the Fowl Fanatics and the men of Zink Calls pile 'em up.

The BandHunters 3 is an adrenaline-laced ride meant specifically for the hardcore waterfowl junkie. So strap yourself in, boys! It's about to get downright wild!

AX-FG-ACCS-60737 BAND HUNTERS 3 - The Perfect Storm
$12.99 Ea.

Freddie Zink and crew have come out swinging in this second installment of their popular Band Hunters DVD series. Greenheads, Canadas, Lessers, Specks It's all here, and all in the knockdown style you've come to expect from the Z-Unit.

From early Canadas in Ontario with professional waterfowler, Chad Belding, to muddy fields in Kansas with Zink Staffers Kenny Thompson and Rhett Riddle- This outdoor extravaganza goes the distance. Quebec's Team Destination X, and Kansas native, Zach White, jump onboard, and help the Zink Crew put birds on the ground with a devastating one-two punch.

You think you've seen it all? Like a black-gloved fist in a dark alley, you never saw this one coming. And Zink makes sure it's Lights Out!

AX-FG-ACCS-60720 BAND HUNTERS 2 - The Breaking Point
$12.99 Ea.


Duck Camp
This video is dedicated to the die hard duck hunters, the Z-Unit™ travels all over hunting ducks of all species, this DVD shows the life-style and friendship built in Duck Camps all over North America. Stops include Northern Saskatchewan with Buck Paradise Outfitters, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Idaho and Louisiana. Featuring Fred Zink, Field Hudnall, Clay Hudnall, Jimmy Wren and special guests, Warren Coco, Justin Tackett, Tony Vandemore, Chad Belding, Chris Aiken and Drew Davis This is an all day every day duck DVD with great calling, top shelf Labradors and a lot of helpful tips along the way.

AX-FG-ACCS-60711 Duck Camp
$12.99 Ea.


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