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Knutson's Live Bait

Audio & Video - Real Geese
WF310 Real Geese Flatline DVD - Volume 1 WF311 Real Geese Flatline DVD - Volume 2
Hop in and ride along with the Crooked River Crew as their waterfowl season begins with Canada Geese in early September and runs through a blizzard filled Ohio winter.
Armed with 5 Ohio State Goose Calling Championships, Real Geese Silhouettes, and the desire to fill one more limit, the crew took to the field to produce this in-your-face waterfowl hunting video. It will transform your favorite easy chair into a lay-down blind and the family room into the "X" of an Ohio grain field.
Join the action, camaraderie, off-the-wall personalities, and a cast of thousands (geese, that is) as the team sets out to successfully hunt locations that are accessible to the "weekend" hunter. In turn, what you'll learn from their strategies and tips will make your next hunts more successful, no matter it's location.

WF310 Real Geese Flatline DVD - Volume 1
$4.99 Ea.

Back by popular demand, the Crooked River Crew is rolling for another season in Flatline Volume II. With each season comes new challenges, new territory to cover, and birds to harvest. In Volume II, the boys put their experience and Real Geese Silhouette decoys to the test to produce a DVD that is jam packed with Canada Goose hunting action.
You will witness some intense hunting action, proven hunting tactics, off season clips, and just enough comic relief as the 2010-2011 season unfolds.

WF311 Real Geese Flatline DVD - Volume 2
$4.99 Ea.


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