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Audio & Video - Duck Commander
DD21 Duckmen 21: Last Supper DVD DD20 Duckmen 20: Crossroads DVD DD-19 Duckmen 19: The Art of Claiming Ducks DVD
As the fall arrives and the arctic air starts to make its way south, so do the ducks. The ducks move for a few reasons – weather/water, food and as they look for their next meal, the Duckmen provide the hunting pressure to make it their Last Supper.

Duck hunting is what led Phil to pioneer the duck call and ultimately duck hunting videos. Over twenty videos later, the bearded crew is still chasing the ducks just as hard. Join them in the blind from Louisiana and Arkansas to experience some of the greatest footage of duck hunting in the south.

Enjoy an hour of action packed, in-your-face hunting as the ducks look for their Last Supper – and the Duckmen harvest their next one.

Duckmen 21: Last Supper DVD
$12.49 Ea.

Crossroads: Every person in the world will one day come to a crossroads in their life. Which path will you choose? Will you go the way that is wide and travelled often or will you choose the way that is narrow? the Duckmen choose to stay with the ways of ol’ in this DVD. They are hitting the road and currycombing the countryside in search of feathered fowl. Follow along as they hit the Mississippi and Central flyways in search of the peak of the migration. After 30 plus years of filming waterfowl, the Duckmen know how to get the ducks close and then rain them out of the sky. From blue wings in September to mallards in January, they will be cancelling flights all fall and winter long. Enjoy as you watch them shop in God’s grocery store for some “fast food”.

Duckmen 20: Crossroads DVD
$5.99 Ea.
Picture this — 3 ducks are hovering over the decoys, Jase calls out “cut em” and 3 ducks fold— even though 6 of the Duckmen have pulled the trigger guess who shot them all? That’s right, Ol Silas Robertson! Some things will never change. Duckmen 19: The Art of Claiming Ducks is another action packed, hard core duck season featuring the Duckmen of Louisiana. Not only do they work and shoot ducks in a variety of terrain from Louisiana to Kansas, but in Duckmen 19 they sit back and laugh as Uncle Si claims them all.
Duckmen 19: The Art of Claiming Ducks DVD
$5.99 Ea.
DD-18 Duckmen 18: Blood, Sweat & Beards DVD DD-17 Duckmen 17: The Reckoning DVD DC-DVD16 Duckmen 16 - Resurrection
Blood, Sweat, and Beards: Duckmen 18 — will not let you down. Like so many times before, the Duckmen head to the woods and swamps for what they love best — blood and a good hunt. The Beards are not afraid of the work and sweat that goes into hunting — it is their passion. You will see their passion in this action packed DVD. And it will make you feel like you are right there with them in the blind. Sit back and enjoy the Blood, Sweat, and Beards!
Duckmen 18: Blood, Sweat & Beards DVD
$5.99 Ea.
We have currycombed the countryside looking for the elusive Mallard duck and for Uncle Si’s sake, the Jack! From the North Louisiana woods to the Mississippi River delta to the Kansas plains, we have chased down these ducks, called ‘em into our faces and killed ‘em— graveyard dead. It wasn’t revenge we were after, it was the Reckoning!
Duckmen 17: The Reckoning DVD $5.99 Ea.
Features the never-ending passion for pursuing waterfowl that set the Duckmen apart form the rest of the world. Sit back and hold on as Phil and the rest of the crew start their year off with fast-flying Blue Wing Teal at home in Louisiana and finish the year off with Mallards in the flooded timber of Arkansas, Kansas and Louisiana.

Phil Robertson and the Duckmen have a style all their own. Resulting in a full hour of entertainment and intense hunting action you won't want to miss. For some, it's just hunting; for the Duckmen, it's a way of life!

Runtime: Approx 60 minutes

Duckmen 16 - Resurrection
$5.99 Ea.

DC-DVD-15 Duckmen 15 - Fire In The Hole DC-DVD-14 Weather the Storm DC-DVD-13 A Fistful of Ducks "Fear the Beard"
Fire in the Hole! Watch out, the Duckmen are at it again. Duckmen 15 delivers hard-core hunting action like you've never seen before! Come along for the ride as Phil Robertson and the boys hunt for teal in the sweltering heat of South Texas, visit an old friend for a duck-whacking in Kansas and, for the first time ever, hunt the North Platte River of Nebraska. Then, jump on the back of the ATV in Phil's backyard and go from blind to blind in search of the hottest hole in the flooded timber of Louisiana. Nothing is safe from the Duckmen's shotguns, even a deer gets too close and ends up in the frying pan. Phil Robertson and the Duckmen have a style all their own. Resulting in a full hour of entertainment and intense hunting action you won't want to miss. For some, it's just hunting; for the Duckmen, it's a way of life.
Fire In The Hole
$5.99 Ea.
Phil Robertson and his Duckmen are back - and this time the swamps are as stormy as ever. Literally. Sure you've got the usual "discussions" and disagreements amongst hardcore waterfowlers, but the weather has never been this extreme. These Louisiana boys have been at this for quite some time, and they don't let a little inclement weather get in their way of killing ducks. Plus, they've got a storm of their own to unleash. Powered by Federal Premium's Black Cloud ammo and years of experience, these guys show you how to use that Benelli to bag duck after duck. Come along as the Duckmen battle weather, waterfowl and, of course, themselves. See what storm prevails at the end of another action-packed season.
Weather the Storm
$5.99 Ea.
Everyone has an opinion of the Duckmen's beards...men love 'em, women hate 'em and ducks fear them! Fear the Beard, featuring duck hunting legend Phil Robertson and the Duckmen, takes you to the swamps of Louisiana for some of the best waterfowl action in the country.

A Fistful of Ducks "Fear the Beard" $5.99 Ea.


DC-DVD-12 A Fistful of Ducks "The Duckmen Ride Again" DC-DVD-11 Duckmen 11 - For A Few Ducks More DC-DVD-10 Duckmen 10 - Relentless
Follow Phil Robertson and the Duckmen through some intense hunting adventures and see not only great duck hunting, calling, and shooting, but witness first hand their heritage and what makes them so unique. As you travel from coast to coast, you'll see some of the finest shot gunning ever captured on film and feel the danger and excitement of coming face to face with alligators and cottonmouths. With some, it's just hunting - with Phil Robertson, it's a way of life.

A Fistful of Ducks "The Duckmen Ride Again $5.99 Ea.
Watch what he, Jase, and their fellow duckmen will do for a few ducks more. Their calling, shooting, and lifestyle may not be the norm, but it is fun to watch and deadly to ducks wherever they fly! Bonus Includes: Extra Hunt and a Buck Commander Sneak Peek

Duckmen 11 - For A Few Ducks More $5.99 Ea.
Rather than laptops and briefcases, the Duckmen go to work with decoys, shell bags, and shotguns. Through many miles, time zones, and strong coffee, the Duckmen get to the bottom line - Mallard Ducks. Their lives are simple, passion is evident, and pursuit of ducks is RELENTLESS.

Duckmen 10 - Relentless $5.99 Ea.

DC-DVD-9 Duckmen 9 - Bloodline DC-DVD-8 Duckmen 8 - How The West Was Won DC-DVD-7 Duckmen 7 - Green Headhunters
Many hunters spend a lifetime pursuing what others were born with. Hunting ducks has been a tradition in many families and the Robertson family is no exception. In his "run and gun" style, Phil gives you a glimpse of his own "bloodline", Phil hunts with his sons, brothers and other duckmen from the backwaters of Louisiana to scenic Washington state. Phil's pursuit of ducks is in his blood. Is it in yours?

Duckmen 9 - Bloodline $5.99 Ea.
In the past, many men headed West in search of gold. Follow Phil Robertson and the Duckmen as they head West in search of "Green." Phil Robertson says some of the best hunting left on the continent can be found in the great expanse between the Red River and the Rockies. You'll see beautiful scenery, awesome dog work and the traditional shotgunning of Phil Robertson and the Duckmen.

Duckmen 8 - How The West
Was Won $5.99 Ea.
This video is about Mallards and over-whelmingly Mallard Drakes. You see sometimes you just have to go for the "green." For all the dog men, this video features the Duck Commander's Peggy Sue and some of the very best retriever action to date. Do you like Mallard Ducks called in close? Do you like to watch crack shots and great lab work? Green Headhunters gives you all that and more!

Duckmen 7 - Green Headhunters $5.99 Ea.

DC-DVDBO2 Best of the Duckmen 40th Anniversary DC-DVD-123 Duckmen 1, 2 & 3
Duck Commander started as a one-man operation in 1972 and has grown to become a successful family-run business, but there is one thing that has never changed, the Robertson family's passion for duck hunting! This anniversary edition takes the best moments from Duck Commander's past 40 years and compiles them into one heart pumping, action packed DVD that's sure to keep you entertained from start to finish!

Runtime: Approx 60 minutes

Best of the Duckmen 40th Anniversary
$5.99 Ea.

The wait is over! The first 3 classics are now on DVD and are available to you in a convenient 3-pack. See where it all started, down on the bayou of Louisiana with Volume 1, "Duckmen of Louisiana." Next, there's nothing better than seeing those ducks come in close, watch the second in the history of the Duckmen, "Duckmen 2, Point Blank." The set finishes off with "Duckmen 3, In Yo' Face." Let Phil Robertson and the Duckmen show you what happens when ducks get too close to these boys. All three DVD's will add to your collection of fast-paced, hard-core Duckaholic action.

Duckmen 1, 2 & 3
$12.49 Ea.

DC-DVD-456 Combo of DVD's #4, 5 & 6
4 - The Duckmen 4 Straight Powder delivers the best you can find in up close action and helpful duck hunting information.
5 - Phil Robertson and the Duckmen in this 90 minute adventure and see not only duck hunting, calling, and shooting, but see also their heritage and what makes the Duckmen so unique. On this video, you will feel the danger and excitement when you come face to face with alligators and cottonmouths. Duckmen 5 not only takes you deep into the woods of the Mississippi delta on an adventure you will not soon forget, but a journey you will love to remember. With some, it is just hunting- with Phil Robertson, it is a way of life. LOCK, LOAD, AND HOLD ON!!
6 - Because these things vary from year to year, duck hunters need to be mobile to be successful many times. This video shows the success of mobility when hunting ducks. The Duckmen are driven and relentless in the pursuit of the ducks. Follow them across four states: Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, and Louisiana as they chase ducks from the wee hours of the morning until the setting sun. This is more than just plain duck hunting, this is the Duckmen at what they do best. This is the ultimate - "Run and Gun."

Combo DVD's #4, 5 & 6 $12.49 Ea.


DC-DVDTCK The Commander's Kitchen DC-DVD-ME Duckmen in Middle Earth DC-BEST-DVD Best of the Duckmen
Come on in and have a seat a Phil and Kay Robertson, along with their family, share with you their favorite dishes. Watch as they give step by step instructions on how to cook some of the best recipes Louisiana has to offer. This is one mouth watering treat you will not want to miss.
• Recipe book included
• Runtime: Approx 69 minutes

The Commander's Kitchen
$5.99 Ea.
The adventure of Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander, continues as he travels across the hunters paradise of New Zealand. Join Phil and his mates for up-close, heart-pumping action and the breathtaking beauty of the New Zealand countryside. Bonus features include deer hunting from the sky to the ground. It's a bloody good show, Mate!

Duckmen in Middle Earth $5.99 Ea.
Relive moments from the deer flip, the coining of "Cut'em all, Jack" and alligator wrestling, to killing bull congos and good old fashioned drake dusting. Beginning with one man's dream watch over twenty years of the finest waterfowling action and see how the old man with the whiskers, along with family and friends, became the Duckmen.

Best of the Duckmen
$5.99 Ea.

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