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Knutson's Live Bait

Rigging Supplies - Line Crimps

Decoy Cord Crimps
Use these decoy cord crimps to rig up your blocks the way you like them. Sized for standard PVC decoy cord, these crimps can be crimped with household pliers for a customer length line and the weight of your choice.
• 24 crimps per pack
• Approximately, 1/8" interior diameter
• Made of black anodized aluminum
Model #RR-1002
Decoy Cord Crimps
$5.19 per 24 Pack

Decoy Cord Crimps
Crimps work great with all types of line but they are a must for PVC.
• The most effective method for securing decoy cord
• Rust-proof, non-toxic aluminum in black
• Fits all major brands of decoy cord
Model #AVRY-80024
24-Count Decoy Cord Crimps
$4.19 per package of 24
Model #AVRY-80150
150-Count Decoy Cord Crimps
$13.49 per package of 150

Quick-Rig Cord Crimps
These Quick-Rig Cord Crimps are a great way to attach decoy line to your decoys just loop your line through the cord crimp and squeeze with pliers to clamp down on the line.  These crimps work best with Tangle-Free line but will work with the smaller diameter braided lines.
Model # HS-00209
24 Quick rig Cord Crimps
$2.79 per package of 24

Tanglefree Line Clips
Having trouble tying Tanglefree line? Well these Tanglefree line clips are just what the Duck Hunter ordered. These plastic clips are easy to use, just put in the line and fold over, the clip locks together and you can reuse unlike a crimp.

Tanglefree Line Clips

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