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Knutson's Live Bait

Rigging Supplies - Anchor Line

Decoy Line
• 1/8 inch Olive Line

Model #TH-LINE - 250' Spool
$3.50 EACH
Decoy Line
Model #TH-LINE
250' Decoy Line
$3.50 EACH

Braided Decoy CordBraided Decoy Cord
Braided Decoy Cord is strong and a good choice for rigging large numbers of floating decoys.
• Poly woven material
• Rot and mildew resistant

AVRY-81100 – 100’ Spool

AVRY-81200 – 200’ Spool

AVRY-81500 – 500’ Spool

Model #AVRY-81100
100' Braided Decoy Cord
$4.99 EACH
Model #AVRY-81200
200' Braided Decoy Cord
$5.99 EACH
Model #AVRY-81500
500' Braided Decoy Cord
$8.99 EACH

Braided Decoy Cord
Affordable, multi-color-camouflage, braided nylon cord for dependeble service. Won't rot or float
Model # DW72200
200' Braided Decoy Cord
$5.39 EACH
Model # DW72500
500' Braided Decoy Cord
$10.99 EACH

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