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Knutson's Live Bait

Rigging Supplies - Keel Anchors

Keel Grabber Weights
These “J” shaped weights attach to any keel and stay in place with rubber Stretchee Cords.

#AVRY-81024 – 4 oz Weights
$26.99 per dozen

#AVRY-81028 – 7.5 oz. Weights
$39.99 per dozen


Keel Grabber Kits
All you need to rig a dozen decoys fast!
• 100' Quick-Fix decoy cord
• One dozen Stretchee Cords
• One dozen Decoy Cord Crimps
• One dozen Cord Depth Adjusters
• One dozen 4 oz. or 7.5 oz. Keel Grabber Decoy weights

#AVRY-81014 – 4 oz Kit
$34.99 per dozen

#AVRY-81018 – 7.5 oz. Kit
$43.99 per dozen


Stretchee Cords
• Injection-molded 100% rubber

#AVRY-80175 – Stretchee Cords
$6.49 per dozen

These anchors are specially designed to use the tension from their tough natural polymer strap to quickly and easily secure the anchor to the keel of the decoy. It will pull the anchor tight and snap it instantly onto the the keel. This anchor system is the fastest and easiest system for anchoring your decoys individually. Replacement straps can be used on any other anchor.

Duck Decoy Anchors
Decoys AnchorsDecoy Anchors
Model # ACE-4
4 oz anchors
$27.99 per doz.
Model # ACE-STRP
Replacement Strap
$14.99 per doz.

For the deep water hunter sometimes you just need more anchor line, and with the Rig'Em Right® J-Weights, storing that line is simple and hassle free. Simply wrap the line around the decoy and secure the weight to the keel. Stays tight utilizing the supplied bungee.

#RR-002-KB-6 - 6 oz. J-Weight
$36.99 per dozen

#RR-002-KB-8 - 8 oz. J-Weight
$42.99 per dozen

J-Weight Stretch Cord
FRubber stretch cord for Rig’Em Right J-Weights

#RR-1004 J-Weight Stretch Cord
$9.99 per dozen

Pre-Rigged 72” J-Weights
Rig’Em Right’s pre-rigged decoy anchors are quick, easy and built for years of service. These traditional J-weights come pre-rigged with 6-feet of 400 lb. monofilament mainline, heavy duty crimps, bungee cord and our decoy rigging swivels for quick attachment to your decoys.

#RR-PR-J-4 - 4 oz. J-Weight
$42.99 per dozen

#RR-PR-J-6 - 6 oz. J-Weight
$49.99 per dozen


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