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Knutson's Live Bait

DT-D012 Great Beginnings: The First Year - Training the Upland Retriever DVD
GREAT BEGINNINGS follows the development of Edy, a female Labrador Retriever, through her first year. This DVD was filmed to replace volume one of the DVD collection to incorporate the newer clicker training method. George Hickox demonstrates the comprehensive program that has helped thousands of dog owners in his school of Dog Training for Owners and Their Dogs across North America. The new approaches to Clicker Training and E-Collar introduction will benefit all owners and their dogs.

The first year is the time to lay the proper foundation for more advanced training. Preparing the dog correctly from the beginning is far better than trying to fix problems later. In this DVD George guides the viewer through proven methods of developing an enthusiastic dog who responds eagerly to new training with an open mind for learning. Great Beginnings presents a complete and logical program of yard work and field work.

Great Beginnings incorporates clicker training and positive reinforcement with improved methods of e-collar and low level stimulation introduction not covered in the DVD Library Collection of Volumes 1 through 3. George’s revolutionary techniques have been adopted by branches of the military as well as by trainers and owners in the world of hunting dogs.

DT-D012 Great Beginnings: The First Year - Training the Upland Retriever DVD
$32.99 Ea.


DK-BKPB1 Tom Dokken's Retriever Training - The Complete Guide to Developing Your Hunting Dog
In Tom Dokken's Retriever Training, one of America's leading trainers helps you channel your hunting dog's huge ambition so he works for you, the way you want, and does so happily. After using the time-tested methods in Tom Dokken's Retriever Training, you'll have a reliable retriever that:

• Obeys commands on and off leash
• Retrieves birds to hand
• Remains steady to shot
• Quarters and flushes upland game
• Finds downed birds
• Takes hand signals

About the Author:
Tom Dokken has more than 30 years of experience turning retrievers into successful field trial competitors, hunt test participants, waterfowling companions, and upland bird finders. Tom is the creator of the popular Dokken Deadfowl Trainer, and Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield, MN, is one of the largest all-breed hunting dog training facilities in the United States.

• 255 pages, full-color illustrations and photos

DK-BKPB1 Tom Dokken's Retriever Training
$22.99 Ea.


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