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Knutson's Live Bait

Specialty Decoy Bags

RR-014X Long Haul Decoy Bag
The Long Haul decoy bag from Rig’Em Right was designed by a seasoned, public-ground hunter who knows all about hiking decoys a long way into the marsh. The wide mouth design makes stuffing decoys a breeze and is perfect for the Rig'Em Right anchor system. Ideal for longer walk-in hunting and carrying decoys on your back.
• Padded floating bottom
• Large padded shoulder straps and waist belt
• Constructed of heavy-duty materials for durability
• Holds 36 duck floaters when open and 24 when closed
Size: 40"L x 24"W x 18"H

Model #RR-014X
Long Haul Decoy Bag
Price: $86.99 Each

RR-016X Tanker XL Decoy Bag
The Tanker XL Decoy Bag from Rig’Em Right is the most versatile bag ever designed and holds a massive amount of decoys. In the open position, this bag functions like a basket to keep large amounts of decoys well organized and easily accessible in the boat, truck or ATV, yet it folds-up for easy storage.
• Two-man carrying handles
• Large padded shoulder strap
• Constructed of heavy-duty materials for durability
• Holds 48 duck floaters in the open position and 36 when closed.
• Ideal for hunting from a boat or ATV
Size: 40"L x 24"W x 24"H

Model #RR-016X
Tanker XL Decoy Bag
Price: $86.99 Each

RR-028X Gunslinger Decoy Bag
Rig’Em Right’s Gunslinger Decoy Bag is built to carry decoys to the toughest timber hole or the muddiest marsh. The unique shoulder-style carry design makes it easy to toss if you stumble, saving the rest of your gear from getting soaked. The wide mouth design is perfect for the Rig'Em Right anchor system and is ideal for small spread, run-and-gunning, or hunting from small boats and canoes.
• Large padded shoulder strap
• Constructed of heavy-duty materials for durability
• Holds approximately 24 duck floaters when open and 18 when closed
• Bag Dimensions: 24" L x 20" W x 24” H

Model #RR-028X
Gunslinger Decoy Bag
Price: $69.99 Each

DW-32186 Stand-Up Decoy Bag - OD - Large
This is the last word in advanced decoy bag designs. Featuring Drake’s unique spiral coil spring which holds the bag completely open in a perfect, flat-bottom cylinder, it’s the only decoy bag on the market that actually helps you load it with decoys! No more stuffing decoys into a collapsed bag, no more repeated searching for the bag opening, no more cussing at the end of a day’s hunt. Our remarkable Stand Up Decoy Bag allows you to toss decoys into it’s open mouth from over 10 feet away – yet it quickly collapses when empty for quick, convenient storage. Constructed of heavy-duty, rot-proof polyester mesh and 2” polyester web shoulder straps, our Stand Up Decoy Bag will be a lifetime investment that pays you handsome dividends on every hunt.
Capacity: LARGE: Up to 18 magnums and 24 to 30 standards - 25" x 23"
• Heavy-Duty rot-proof polyester mesh
• Exclusive spiral coil spring design
• 2” polyester web shoulder straps
• Draw String and Barrel Lock Closure

Model #DW-32186
Stand-Up Decoy Bag - OD - Large
Price: $54.99 Each

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