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Knutson's Live Bait

We have found some original Texas Hunting Windtamer Rags. There are limited quantities, as these are the “Original” Texas Hunting Rags.

Windtamer Snow Goose Rag
Windtamer Snow Goose Rags look like live geese feeding and is a substitute for the full-body decoy. The major advantages are more decoys for a larger spread, less weight, and life like movement. These Windtamer Rags are twice as thick as a regular rag and it will take a 30 mph wind and not rattle.

Item# TH-WT-SNO Windtamer Snow Goose Rag

Texas Hunting Products

1 Pack of 100: $42.99 each
2 Packs of 100: $42.99 each
3 Packs of 100: $42.99 each
4 Packs of 100: $39.99 each

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