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Knutson's Live Bait

Avian-X Motorized Spinning Wing Decoys

Powerflight Hen Greenwing TealAVX-PFLHT Powerflight Hen Greenwing Teal
• Authentic paint detail, posture and innovative Patented “Angel Wing” motion
• Wings spin 360° at a true-to-life speed
• Spins in winds up to 30 mph
• Contrasting color in the wings creates flash for long-range attraction
• Authentic posture and feather positioning adds to the realism
• No-flake paint detail ensures lasting durability
• Durable, crush-proof design with water-resistant housing
• Includes 1 decoy, pair of wings, mounting stake and protective carry bag
AVX-PFLHT Powerflight Hen Greenwing Teal
$79.99 each

AVXDP100 PowerFlight Smart Motion Spinning Wing Mallard
The Avian-X PowerFlight Mallard Drake Motorized Duck Decoy with remote brings incredible realism to your spread. Building off a foundation of lifelike details and coloration with durable no-flake paint, this Avian-X decoy features wings that spin 360° to perfectly mimic a landing duck. Full spin keeps the wings spinning continuously, while intermittent mode cycles between spinning for 5 seconds and powered off for 3 seconds. The spinning wings operate in the most difficult conditions, including winds up to 30 mph, delivering wing-spinning duck foolery for about 8-12 hours thanks to an included lithium-ion battery. An external charging port makes recharging a breeze, while compatibility with a standard 6v lead-acid battery means you can keep the wings turning if you forget to charge the battery the night before a hunt. The included remote control works from up to 60' away, while an included heavy-duty motion stake makes it easy to set up the PowerFlight decoy in shallow water or in the weeds.
AVXDP100 PowerFlight Smart Motion Spinning Wing Mallard
$249.99 each

AVXDP101 Powerflight Spinning Win Mallard
The PowerFlight Mallard features weather-resistant housing for unstoppable performance in the harshest conditions Рeven 30 mph winds. Its lithium-ion battery runs for up to 16 hours of continuous use vs the 6-8 hour battery-life with the typical 6 volt, lead-acid battery. Recharging is easy using the external charging port. Also, hunters can use an optional 6-volt lead-acid battery in between charges. The PowerFlight Mallard includes everything the duck hunter needs to add life-like realism and duck-drawing power of motion – including the decoy, remote, rechargeable battery, charger, and a heavy-duty, marsh stake.
• Patent pending "Angel Wing‚" spin 360 degrees at precise speeds
• Realistic body posture resembles landing duck
• Remote operation up to 60 yards
• Two modes: Full Spin and Intermittent
• Full-spin mode keeps wings spinning continuously
• Intermittent mode powers on for 5 seconds then off for 3 seconds
• Operates in conditions up to 30 mph
• Stake length is 45''
• Made from rugged, durable materials
• Unmatched coloration and detail
• No-flake paint for a lasting finish
• Water-resistant housing
• Up to 16 hours of continuous battery life
• External charging port for easy recharging
• Lithium-Ion battery included for longer battery life
• Can also be used with a standard 6V lead-acid battery
AVXDP101 Powerflight Spinning Win Mallard
$179.99 each

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