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Knutson's Live Bait

Lucky Duck Motion Accessories

LD-10321-0 Lucky HD Receiver 2.0
When paired with a Lucky Duck HD transmitter 2.0 (sold separately), Lucky Duck's Lucky HD Receiver allows you to control motorized waterfowl decoys. The HD Receiver 2.0 has 3 channel options compatible with the HD transmitter 2.0.
• Remote receiver for Lucky HD remote kit 2.0
• Sync decoys together for simple control
• Must have HD transmitter 2.0 to operate decoy(s)
• Compatible with most Lucky Duck motorized decoys

$42.99 each

LD-10421-7 Lucky HD Transmitter 2.0
When paired with a Lucky Duck HD receiver (sold separately), Lucky Duck’s HD Transmitter allows you to control multiple motorized decoys. The HD Transmitter 2.0 has an ergonomic design that is extremely water resistant and separate on/off buttons for easy use. With 3 channel options you can control different decoys on different channels (water motion vs. spinners). Remote range is up to 300 ft.
• Remote transmitter for Lucky HD Remote Kit 2.0
• Separate on/off buttons and intermittent mode for realistic motion
• 3 Channel options means you can control decoys on different channels
• Ability to control decoys from more than one remote
• Must use with Lucky HD Receiver
• Includes hook attachment for your lanyard

$37.99 each

LD-10221-3 Lucky HD Remote Kit 2.0
The Lucky HD Remote Kit 2.0 keeps you hidden from the watchful eye of incoming ducks. Use the HD remote kit to operate decoys from a concealed location up to 300' away. Featuring (3) channel options means you can control different decoys on different channels (water motion vs spinners) and have the ability to control decoys from more than one remote. Use the mode switch to run decoys in either constant or intermittent modes without giving away your position. A quick-sync button enables operation of multiple duck decoys from 1 transmitter (each decoy requires the Lucky Duck HD receiver 2.0) while also having a separate on/off switch.
• New ergonomic design is extremely water resistant
• Control your motorized Lucky Duck decoys while staying concealed in your blind
• 3 Channel Options means you can control different decoys on different channels (water motion vs spinners)
• Ability to control decoys from more than one remote
• Run multiple decoys off one remote – each decoy needs an HD receiver
• Compatible with most Lucky Duck motion decoys
• On/Off switch for intermittent or constant mode
• Remote range up to 300 ft
• Includes hook for easy attachment to your lanyard

$59.99 each

LD-12121-4 Lucky 4-Slot Motion Backpack
We didn't cut any corners when it comes to this backpack. With premium design features, the Lucky 4 Slot Motion Backpack can fit up to four motion decoys with storage for all of your hunting and decoy accessories. Internally, the dividers can be configured from holding one decoy, to four, or simply arranged for extra storage. The shoulder straps are adjustable with a chest strap for extra security and the back is padded for comfort while carrying. The bottom is made of PVC rubber that provides stability and strength, so you don't have to worry about where you set it down.
• Holds up to (4) motion decoys
• PVC rubber bottom provides strength and stability 
• Dividers can be configured to your needs with separate wing pockets
• Adjustable shoulder straps with a chest strap for extra security 
• Padded back for comfort while carrying
• Slots with drain eyelets for decoy poles
• 2 Side pockets for extra batteries or chargers
• Accessory pocket with d-ring to store remotes
• Sewn D-loops for accessory attachment 

$199.99 each

LD-00-75613-3 Replacement Magnetic Corrugated Wings
Compatible with:
Lucky Pair II
Lucky Junior II & Junior II 6V
Lucky Air Force
Lucky Junior
Lucky Scout FFD
Hot Shot III

$32.99 each

LD-00-13517-4 Replacement Magnetic Wings and Adapters for Super Lucky HD
• Replacement wing set for your Super Lucky HD
• Includes 2 wing adapters
• Compatible with old style Super Lucky

$49.99 each

LD-10614-3 Hot Shot/HD Injection Molded Wings
Injection molded wings that will fit your Lucky Duck HD, Hot Shot, FFD Scout, and Lucky Junior. Very durable wing with a life-like print that creates more flash than your standard spinning wing. Proven to be more durable than any corrugated wing and give you more run time on a single charge! Wings (left and right) come with adapters to fit older style Hot Shot, FFD Scout, and Lucky Junior models.

$42.99 each

LD-11014-0 Tripod Stand
Tripod stand works with all Lucky Duck waterfowl motorized decoys. Comes with (3) legs (1) center piece and (1) T-post. Stands 19.5" off the ground, easy to transport, and makes for quick deployment on hard packed ground. Round poles can be used with the tripod stand to raise your spinner or flapper.

$32.99 each

LD-51135-0 6 Volt Rechargeable Battery
Replacement batteryn for Lucky Duck, Hot Shot, Motorized Mallard Feeder.

$26.99 each

LD-51235-7 6 Volt AC Charger
Universal 6 volt charger for all your 6 volt needs.

$26.99 each

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