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Knutson's Live Bait

Blue Goose Field Decoys - Silhouette

Pro-Grade Silhouette Blue Goose Decoys

Pro-Grade Silhouette Decoys combine portability and durability into a highly effective and easy to deploy/store decoy system. Featuring attractive and unique postures with highly detailed photographic print to display lifelike movement and behavior. The matte-finish print absorbs light and reduces the risk of birds flaring from sun glare.
• Unmatched detail: Incredible, photographic detail for the most life-like appearance
• Rigid Durability: tough, pliable design constructed to stand the test of time
• Space-saving stackability for easy to handle, time-saving transport & tidy storage
• Quick-Set sturdy, one-piece steel stake featuring an easy-grab handle, double-pronged base design to pierce and stand secure in any soil hardness.
• Interacting color contrasts & shape positions display the ultimate illusion of bird movement & behavior
• Packaged 8 Feeders and 4 Actives per dozen

AVRY-77005 Pro-Grade Silhouette Blue Goose Decoys
$82.99 Dozen

WF908FL Real-Geese Featherlike Econo Series Blue Goose Decoys

Super light weight - only 3 lbs. per dozen. Very economical. Dead flat finish. Lighting fast set up time. Unique double wire staking system that provides structural integrity in high winds. Six separate postures per dozen are available for these Featherlike Blue Goose decoys.

WF908FL Real-Geese Featherlike Ecno Series Blue Goose Decoys
$57.99 Dozen

WF912 Replacement Stakes
$1.19 Each

WF918PSS Pro Series II Xtreme Definition Blue Goose Decoys
Successfully hunting Blue geese calls for extreme measures. So when Blue goose hunters asked for Blue Goose decoys that would rival our Pro Series II Canada decoys we answered with the “Xtreme Definition” Pro Series II Blue goose decoys!

The benefits of using, transporting, and setting up silhouette decoys becomes even more evident when huge decoy spreads are required to bring in those wary birds into gunning range.

Produced with an entirely new printing process, we stuck with our time tested ingredients; the same decoy material and our patented, no-shine, Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy. We also use our color matched wooden stakes.

For extreme visibility, they are sized slightly larger than any of our other decoys, making them approximately 25% larger than a mature Blue goose. Packaged per dozen, with six unique postures.

WF918PSS Pro Series II Xtreme Definition Blue Goose Decoys
$184.99 Dozen

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