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Knutson's Live Bait

Blue Goose Field Decoys

AVRY-71065 Pro-Grade Snow/Blue Shells - Harvester Pack
A great addition to any snow and blue spread. They are more space efficient than full bodied decoys with the same look from above.
• 5/8ths bodies offer full body effect to approaching birds
• Bodies stack for maximum space efficiency
• Seamless bodies will never crack
• One dozen Universal Motion Stakes included
• Harvester Pack includes 3 Adult Left Feeders, 3 Adult Right Feeders, 1 Adult Rester, 1 Juvy Rester, 1 Adult Semi-Rester, 1 Juvy Semi-Rester and 2 Juvy Feeders per dozen
AVRY-71065 Pro-Grade Snow/Blue Shells - Harvester Pack
$174.99 Dozen

FA-474197 Blue Goose Upright Shells
• Two different head positions
• Heavy-duty bodies are molded from an original sculpture by master artist Doug Eck
• Flawless anatomy with intricate detail
• Custom-quality paint scheme with anatomically perfect design
• Industry-first, injection-molded Dura-Connect™ head-attachment system with lifetime guarantee, featuring removable swivels for different positions
• 12 Pack includes: 5 Upright Adults, 5 Resting Adults and 2 Juveniles

FA-474197 Blue Goose Upright Shells
$124.99 Dozen

SP-FL1030 Flying Blue Goose Decoy
Sport-Plast has made innovative decoys and this is another unique one. This Flying Blue Goose Decoy gives the illusion of a goose gliding in for a landing. This decoy also makes great decoration in a lodge when hung up. The measurements are 27" from beak to tail and the wing span is 33". Each decoy comes with a hanger and a wind directional attachment that goes on a pole.

SP-FL1030 Flying Blue Goose Decoy
$39.99 Each

LC-930 Low Cost Blue Goose Field Decoy

Sport Plast developed years ago the folding and collapsible goose decoy that is made exclusively of a soft plastic "Sport Gum" material. This material has an excellent flexibility, memory and a good paint adhesion and allows the hunter to fold the decoy down 1/3 its full size for storage and transportation. This dozen decoy pack comes with two head positions: (8) Feeder and (4) Upright. A special wind directional leg-stake that allows the decoy to ride in front of the wind and easy set-up in the field.

LC-930 Low Cost Blue Goose Field Decoy by Sport Plast
$124.99 Dozen

Convert Your Canadas To Blues
These heads are for Snow and Blue Goose decoys. These heads can be used on Canada bodies of the same size to convert to Blue Geese. This is a cost effective way to increase your Snow and Blue Goose spread.

5867HD-22F 22” Blue - FEEDER 1 - 11 Heads ...$3.50 Each
22” Blue - SENTRY 12+ Heads ... $2.99Each
29” Blue - FEEDER 1 - 11 Heads ... $3.99 Each
29” Blue - SENTRY 12+ Heads ... $3.50 Each

5888HD-CGS 33” Snow Convert-A-Goose™ Heads
1 - 11 Heads $5.99 Each
12+ Heads $4.99 Each

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