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Knutson's Live Bait

Black Bellied Whistling Decoys

Black Bellied Whistling Duck Decoys
Black Bellied Whistling Duck Decoys

Sport Plast’s Black Bellied Whistling Duck, also known as a Black Bellied Tree Duck. Knutson’s has done it again! We are the first to market a decoy for the Black Bellied Whistling Duck. After many calls for a decoy of this rapidly increasing duck, we went to Sport-Plast to see if we could have a decoy produced. They listened. The SP-5500-10 Black Bellied Whistling Duck is now in stock. The staked decoy measures 23.5” from tail to bill and approximately 8” wide. The decoy comes with a 20” stake that can be used on land and sea. For deeper water, you can use a stick of conduit to stake the decoy above the water line. Currently the decoy only comes in a sentry position. The duck is becoming more commonly found in the South East US. Currently they are found in the following states: Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina and Arizona.

SP-5500/10 Black Bellied Whistling Duck
$29.99 each
SP-5500/10-2 Black Bellied Whistling Duck
$49.99 per pair
SP-5500/10-4 Black Bellied Whistling Duck
$89.99 per 4-Pack

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