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Knutson's Live Bait

Buck Gardner Mallard Duck Calls

Buck Gardner Camo Double Nasty Call
The Double Nasty double reed is a cornerstone of our duck call line and one of the best-selling calls of all time. It is loud, extra-raspy, and guaranteed not to stick thanks to our Spit-Tech toneboard design. The Spit-Tech technology allows the call to blow when wet from saliva, condensation, and even accidental dips in the water. Every Double Nasty duck call is tuned by hand and tested by our staff of dedicated duck hunters in Memphis, TN.

BG-DNP-MOB - Shadow Grass Blades - $39.99 Ea.
Bottomlands - $39.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Double Cross Acrylic/Poly Duck Call
This acrylic/polycarbonate version of our Double Cross is a workhorse in the field and one of the best-selling duck calls in our lineup. Spit-Tech toneboard technology prevents the reeds from sticking, even when wet from saliva, condensation, or an accidental dip in the water. The Double Cross has a short barrel for enhanced control and easy operation. This all-purpose double reed can truly do it all. Features an acrylic barrel with a polycarbonate insert.

BG-ACP-DN3-MG/C - Mallard Green/Clear - $46.99 Ea.

Buck Gardner Diamondwood/Poly Double Nasty
Our Double Nasty duck call is one of the best-selling duck calls on the market and one of Buck's original call designs. This is truly an all-purpose call with a ton of rasp built in. High volume on the top end with easy air control on the bottom end for when you need more finesse calling. Features include our Spit-Tech toneboard - guaranteed not to stick when wet and topped off with a Black/Silver diamondwood barrel.

BG-DWP-DN-BS/C - Black/Silver Diamondwood - $46.99 Ea.

Buck Gardner C3 Double Reed Duck Call
The C3 Double Reed features our unique C3 Coating Technology for superior comfort, control, and concealment. This call is soft to the touch, giving it an ultra-comfortable mouthpiece and enhanced grip. The matte finish eliminates glare in the field. The C3 is an all-purpose call with mid-range volume and tone with just a little bit of rattle built in. This call is based on one of Buck's original toneboards.

BG-C3-BLK - Black - $27.99 Ea.

Buck Gardner Swap Meat Duck Call with Interchangeable Tone Board
The Swap Meat is the only duck call on the market that changes from a single-reed to a double-reed without having to re-tune the call. Thanks to our innovative interchangeable tone board, the Swap Meat can swap from a single-reed call to a double-reed call in seconds - and each tone board comes tuned and ready to hunt. As the season progresses, ducks don't respond favorably to the same calls every single day. The Swap Meat is like getting two calls in one, and it allows you to change up your sound instantly. Each Swap Meat Duck Call includes a single-reed tone board, a double-reed tone board, and a tone board keeper for storing and protecting the spare tone board.
• Acrylic barrel and insert
• Polycarbonate tone boards
• Short barrel design
• Double O-rings on insert for secure fit in the barrel
• Includes single-reed tone board and double-reed tone board
• Also includes tone board keeper for storing the extra tone board when not in use
• Tuned by our Pro Staff Tuners in Memphis, TN

BG-SMPT-BLK - Black - $62.99 Ea.

Buck Gardner Mallard Hammer Poly Duck Call
The classic Mallard Hammer has a Cajun-style double reed system. It's slightly shorter barrel, mid-sized exhaust port, and thick-wall insert gives it a slightly raspy tone. The Mallard Hammer has double O-ring construction for enhanced air flow and back-pressure. It is fitted with a gunmetal band and hand-tuned for flawless performance.

BG-MH-OLV - Olive Green - $19.99 Ea.
BG-MH-GS/S - Camo Green/Smoke - $21.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Acrylic Polycarbonite Double Nasty 3 Duck Call
“SBT”- SHORT BARREL TECHNOLOGY (aka "short - but tough") Meaning: short, 2.31" long barrel requires less air to fill its smaller air cavity, resulting in ultimate call control for any skill level caller. You’ll be deadly with Buck’s new “Double Nasty Three” double reed mallard call with “SBT”! Combined with Buck’s exclusive “Spit-Tech Technology”, which guarantees it won’t stick, you’ll have everything you need to “whack em’ and stack em”. This little baby, with it’s acrylic insert, tuned and tested by our Pro Staff Tuners, is a real beauty. But the beauty doesn’t stop there. This call can easily duplicate the sound of an old hen and her raspy quack all the way up through a “come back” or “hail” call. It is proudly made in the USA.

BG-DN3-OP/MG-SB - Orange Pearl/Mallard Green - $62.99 Ea.
Black Pearl Swirl - $62.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Double Nasty II Polycarbonate Duck Call
Sometimes getting nasty is a good thing. Heck, go ahead and get Double Nasty! Extra raspy, pure duck sound, and the range of a single reed are all achieved with this super-easy to blow double-reed call - the Double Nasty II. This is one of Buck's all time favorites for any level caller - beginner or seasoned. Buck says, "It's an easy call to use, and it's easy on the wallet." The reeds are fitted and the tone board is hand sanded. It looks great with its high-gloss finish. Now with our new gun metal band. Proven in the field. This call features Spit Tech Technology.

BG-DNP-CG/SMK - Camo Green/Smoke - $27.99 Ea.
BG-DNP-CG - Mallard Green - $27.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Tall Timber II Polycarbonate Duck Call
There is nothing like hunting in the tall timber, calling in high flying ducks looking for a spot to rest, and seeing those wings flutter as those greenheads take their vertical glide into your "honey hole". You can bet your favorite shotgun that Buck Gardner's extra loud Tall Timber II duck call will pull them down into the decoys. This single reed call has a hand sanded tone board, and a custom fitted reed to insure that it delivers pure duck tones from bottom end feed call all the way up to a top end hail call, and it's loud enough to be heard sky high. Complete with a high-gloss finish. Now with our new gun metal band.

BG-TTP-BLU/FG - Blue/Fluorescent Green - $27.99 Ea.
Fluorescent Green - $27.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Mallard Magic Polycarbonate Duck Call
Through extensive product testing and research we found a new reed design that "opened the call up" and made the Mallard Magic a much more dynamic call. The dagger cut reeds, as we call them, make the call able to produce easy rolling feed calls, a full vocabulary of quacks up to and including mid-range hail calls, snappy comeback calls, and that awesome nasal whine of a contented hen Mallard. This call is great for beginners because the "Duck is Built In" and will impress even the most accomplished with its range and versatility.

BG-MMG-CG/SMK - Camo Green/Smoke/Gunmetal Band - $14.99 Ea.
BG-MMG-PK - Pink/Gunmetal Band - $14.99 Ea.
Clear - $14.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Spitfire Acrylic Duck Call
You don't have to be from Cajun country to talk Cajun and you don't have to be a duck to talk fowl. You can do both with Buck's FowlMouth II. It's a traditional Cajun style double-reed duck call that's super easy to blow, but still offers the full range of pure duck sounds. The FowlMouth II features Buck's Quick-Tune Guts for easy cleaning, hand trimmed Dagger-Cut reeds for its unique Cajun sound, and a hand sanded tone board to insure it delivers pure duck sound right out of the package. Now with our NEW gun metal band.

BG-ACP-SF-IV/BLK - Ivory/Black - $39.99 Ea.
CP-SF-BRB/CLR - Bourbon/Clear - $39.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Spitfire Acrylic Duck Call
Buck Gardner's Spitfire call with Spit Tech technology has spunk, and is ready for anything the ducks can throw at it! Each of these great calls has a short barrel that is very easy to control and ensure full range. They each come with a .065" thick stainless band as well as a velvet carrying bag with a cord lock.

BG-SPT-B/C-SB - Bourbon/Clear - $62.99 Ea.
BG-SPT-GO/GO-SB - Gold Oak - $62.99 Ea.


Buck Gardner Big Water Single Reed Extra Loud Duck Call
Buck's easy to blow single reed Big Water with it s crisp high ball will yell out Breakfast is ON, and it's easy bottom feed call will put those greenheads in your face. And, even the cagiest mallard can't resist the unmistakable come on down invitation of your pure duck imitation of a hen mating call. The rest is up to you. It features a hand-sanded tone board, hand-cut reeds and a custom fitted brass band.

BG-BWP-BRBN - Bourbon - $27.99 Ea.

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