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Knutson's Live Bait

Electronic Snow/Blue Goose Calls

TG-SNOW-CD Snowgrounder CD
WFO-102 Snow Goose Calling Cassette

"The Electronic Calling Solution for Snow Geese". The Snowgrounder CD is performed by 5 time World Champion Goose Caller Tim Grounds, this digitally mastered, multi-track, stereo recording is very innovative. A professional studio was used to record Tim performing on several calls to imitate all of the natural sounds that Snow Geese produce. By varying his tone and pitch and using different calls, Tim was able to sound like several individual Snow Geese. These recordings were layered on top of each other to create the effect of a large flock of enticing Snow Geese. Seven distinct tracks were created that contain Snow Geese sounds specific to the sounds that a hunter would use to attract Snow Geese from First Sight to First Shot.
TG-SNOW-CD Snowgrounder CD $23.99 Ea.
Recorded in the field to get true, natural sounds, these high quality audio cassettes provide the hunter with the best calling to attract the most birds.
WFO-102 Snow Goose Calling Cassette
$8.99 Ea.

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