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Knutson's Live Bait

Tim Ground's Canada Goose Calls

Tim Ground's Half Breed Dhampir Goose Call
They’ve done it again! After years of overwhelming success with the original “Half Breed” that was originally produced in 1989 they have merged its body with the Triple Crown gut system. Through this creation a dominating predator was born...THE DHAMPIR.

The new Half Breed “D” is the best of both worlds. It allows for an easy blowing, cut the wind call that will create a limitless range of sounds. From the deepest guttural laydowns to the highest pitched spit-notes, its versatility far surpasses its predecessor. So, whether it’s winning the opinions of judges or “Getting’ Down & Coverin’ Up in the field, “GET CHA SOME” OF THE 'D'.

TG-HBDWL - Half Breed Dhampir - Wetlands - $99.99 Ea.
Half Breed Dhampir - Graphite Composite - $99.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Guides Best Goose Call
After modifying flute calls for ten years, Tim Grounds has put everything into this call. He's won over 5 World titles with this call! No other can claim that. This Guides Best Wetlands Goose call makes great honks, clucks and moans! Hand pressure controls this great call.

TGH-1WL - Wetlands - $42.99 Ea.
Corn Stalk - $42.99 Ea.
TGH-1G - Graphite - $42.99 Ea.
Hardwoods - $42.99 Ea.
Graphite Composite - $42.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Variable Tone Goose Call
This Variable Tone Honker Green ABS call is easy to learn and the bell is removable.

TGH-II - Green ABS - $42.99 Ea.
Replacement Reeds - $2.29 Ea.


Tim Ground's Super Magnum Acrylic Goose Call
The Super Magnum Acrylic Goose call is hand crafted, hand-tuned and short reed.

TG-SS-MACC - Coffee and Cream - $142.99 Ea.
Emerald - $142.99 Ea.
Clear - $134.99 Ea.
Black - $142.99 Ea.
Black & Ivory - $142.99 Ea.
TG-SS-MAS - Acrylic Smoke - $142.99 Ea.


Left to Right: Coffee and Cream, Emerald, Clear, Black, Black & Ivory, Acrylic Smoke

Tim Ground's Super Magnum Goose Call
The Super Magnum Goose call is hand crafted, hand-tuned and short reed.

TG-SS-MH - Hedge Oil - $142.99 Ea.
TG-SS-MBEM - Birds Eye Maple - $142.99 Ea.
TG-SM-HPC - Harley Pearl & Chartreuse - $142.99 Ea.


Left to Right: Hedge Oil, Birds Eye Maple, Harley Pearl & Chartreuse

Tim Ground's Short Mag Goose Call
The Tim Grounds Short Mag is comparable to the standard Half Breed, but with a unique tone. Higher pitched then the Long Mag, this call has excellent range, quick response, and musical instrument quality. This is an easy to blow hunting call.

TG-SHORTM-I - Ivory - $164.99 Ea.
TG-SHORTM-B - Matte Blue Swirl - $164.99 Ea.
TG-SMAG-FB - Flat Black with Shiny Black Band - $164.99 Ea.


Left to Right: Ivory, Matte Blue Swirl, Flat Black with Shiny Black Band

Tim Ground's Half Breed Goose Call
This is the original Half Breed Goose Talk. After Keith Hess... a master of goose call design and tuning helped show me how a short reed worked... The Half Breed was born! Many have tried to copy but there is only one Half Breed! By shaving the reed we have put pure Canada, Snows and Blues goose talk into this call! To the high crack to the low honks... it has it all!

TG-HBGT-WL - Wetlands - $54.99 Ea.
TG-HBGT-G - Graphite Composite - $54.99 Ea.
Glass Composite - $54.99 Ea.
TG-HBGT-HW - Hardwoods - $54.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's G'Overhauler Goose Call
The Tim Grounds G' Overhauler has the mind blowing ability to produce all the short reed goose call vocalizations you can imagine. Its newly designed A.F.C. Mouth Piece (Air Flow Control), matched up with our legendary Triple Crown Gut System, provides the caller with unmatched volume control, and the ability to produce everything from the loudest comebacks to the softest laydowns with ease. No matter if you are standing in front of judges, or workin' some hard hunted migrators, this is a call that can be blown to the absolute limit and beyond. So if you're looking for that something extra, "Come Getcha Some", and get yourself overhauled, cuz this call is "GOOSE"... period. Made in the USA.

TG-OVER-I - Ivory - $149.99 Ea.
Electric Blue - $149.99 Ea.
Black & Hedge - $149.99 Ea.
Flat Black - $149.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Robbie Iverson Goose Call
RI Secret is a creation from Robbie Iverson. He played with different call parts and came up with an amazing sound. It took him to three WORLD titles in Easton MD. What a great caller, and what a great feat for this young man. Hunter and I thought it was only fitting that we produce this call in his honor.

TG-RI-BH - Black & Hedge - $196.99 Ea.
Flat Black with Lime Band - $199.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Custom Poly Super Mag Goose Call
This call has a Blue Diamond wood barrel with a black poly insert. Engraved with Tim's logo.

TG-POLYCCB - Cocobola - $86.99 Ea.
Green Diamond - $89.99 Ea.


Tim Grounds G Force Goose Call
The G FORCE has a longer, more open exhaust than the G Overhauler. With the TC “worn-in” guts and the reversed super shaved reed, you will have a call with a built-in buzz. This setup gives the average caller an edge. The FORCE is a big brother to the G Overhauler. “AND LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”. Get Cha Some! Made in the USA.

TG-FORCE-FBL - Flat Black, Bead Blast Band - $159.99 Ea.
Lime Green, Black Band - $159.99 Ea.
Flat Emerald, Bead Band - $159.99 Ea.
Blue and Pearl - $159.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Triple Thang Goose Call
The Triple Thang just came out from Grounds Calls in 2010. It is the loudest competition goose call on the market today, but it also sounds great in the field. This call features the Triple Crown gut system, which is largely responsible for its great tone and volume.

TG-TTI - Ivory - $199.99 Ea.
Black Silver - $196.99 Ea.
Flat Black - $199.99 Ea.
Electric Blue - $199.99 Ea.
Tennessee Crush - $199.99 Ea.


Left to Right: Ivory, Black Silver, Flat Black, Electric Blue, Tennessee Crush

Tim Ground's Pro Super Magnum Goose Call
This call is slightly longer and has a wider bore than the original Super Mag making it a little easier to blow. This call has the crack and growl you have looked for in other calls. Smoother control with less effort.

Left to Right: Chartreuse w/Pearl, Hot Pink, Pearl/Black, Black/Ivory, Smoke 'n' Pearl, Flat Black, Burnt Hedge, Electric Blue, Lime/Black Pearl Band

TG-PRO-CHP - Chartreuse with Pearl - $164.99 Ea.
Hot Pink - $159.99 Ea.
Pearl/Black - $164.99 Ea.
TG-PRO-BI - Black/Ivory - $164.99 Ea.
Smoke 'n' Pearl - $164.99 Ea.
Flat Black - $164.99 Ea.
Burnt Hedge - $164.99 Ea.
Electric Blue - $164.99 Ea.
ELime/Black Pearl Band - $164.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Triple Crown Goose Call
This call includes the new quarter of a million dollar gut system. It honors Kelley Powers who is the only person to win the Triple Crown of goose calling. International, World in Easton and World Champion of Champions.

TG-TRIP-HPC - Pearl w/Chartreuse - $199.99 Ea.
Flat Black - $199.99 Ea.
Chartreuse & Black - $199.99 Ea.
Electric Blue - $199.99 Ea.
Harley Pearl & Black - $199.99 Ea.
TG-TRIP-FBL - Flat Black w/Lime Band - $199.99 Ea.


Left to Right: Pearl/Chartreuse, Flat Black, Chartreuse & Black, Electric Blue, Harley Pearl & Black, Flat Black with Lime Band

Tim Ground's Real Thang Goose Call
The REAL THANG is a small but powerful goose call that will allow you to make the clucks, moans, and honks like you have never heard. You will put geese on the ground with this call. The THANG comes equipped with the famous Triple Crown gut system. Really easy blowing.

TG-THANG-PB - Pearl/Black - $139.99 Ea.
Black/Harley Pearl - $139.99 Ea.
Chartreuse/Black - $139.99 Ea.
Black Cherry - $139.99 Ea.
Emerald Sapphire - $139.99 Ea.


Left to Right: Harley Pearl/Black, Black/Harley Pearl, Chartreuse/Black, Black Cherry, Emerald Sapphire

Tim Ground's Super Thang Goose Call
This call is an enhanced version of the Real Thang. It has the Triple Crown gut system.

TG-SUPER-SJ - Smoky Joe - $159.99 Ea.
Black Silver - $159.99 Ea.
TG-SUPER-BG - Black Gold - $159.99 Ea.


Left to Right: Smoky Joe, Black Silver, Black Gold

Tim Ground's Long Magnum Goose Call
The Long Mag call is probably the easiest call to blow.

TG-HBL-MAC - Clear - $139.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Short Magnum Goose Call
This Short Magnum Cocobola call is comparable to the standard Half Breed call, but with a unique wood tone.

TG-HBS-MAC - Clear - $139.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Sweet Cackler Goose Call
This Cackler call is tuned like the cacklers in WA, Oregon, and the Sacremento Valley. All they do is 'peep'. Other cackler calls on the market today are tuned for a high-pitched Lesser Canada. In the future these calls will be tuned like that - tuned for the Lessers - unless you special request what I call a true CACKLER call. If you understand the sounds, you will realize the difference in the calls.

TG-CACK - Smokin Joe - $119.99 Ea.


Tim Ground's Poly Carb Super Mag 01 "Black Magic" Goose Call
The Poly Carb has won 2 huge contests after coming on the market in November 2001. It took the Avery International, January 2002 and first place again the very next month of Feb. in Burlington, Iowa. Hunters have raved about its performance in the field. It is THE ALL-AROUND Call for goose hunters. The price is right, the performace is better.

TG-SS-MAGPC-01 - Black Magic - $59.99 Ea.


Replacement Reeds for Goose Calls

TG-SS - Replacement Reeds - $2.99 Ea.
TG-SS-RS - Shaved Replacement Reeds - $3.99 Ea


Replacement Reeds for Super Magnum Goose Calls

TG-SSMER - Replacement Reeds - $2.99 Ea.
TG-SSMERS - Shaved Replacement Reeds - $3.99 Ea


Replacement Reeds for Half Breed Goose Calls

TG-HBR - Replacement Reeds - $2.99 Ea.
TG-HBRS - Shaved Replacement Reeds - $3.99 Ea


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