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Knutson's Live Bait

Chukar Calls

Flambeau Lohman Chukar Call
Simple hand-operated call that gives the natural clucking sound of the Chukar. Great call for locating the Red Legs in big country. Field proven.

FL-117 - Lohman Chukar Call
$16.99 Each


Chukar Call
Chukar call in northern maple. Very effective for outsmarting the swift little bird.

FC-9 - Chukar Call
$15.99 Each


Chukar Call with Bellows
Chukar call in northern maple with bellows. Very effective for outsmarting the swift little bird.

FC-9B - Chukar Call with Bellows
$17.99 Each


Magnum Chukar Call
A few taps on the Magnum Chukar™ is all it takes to perfectly reproduce the cluck or cackle of the Chukar. It is louder than other calls, making it perfect for locating and re-grouping a covey, even at long distances.
• Large bellow creates louder tones than other calls
• Perfect for locating and regrouping coveys

PM-347 - Magnum Chukar
$12.99 Each


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