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Knutson's Live Bait

Ammo Organizers
Neoprene Powerbelt
Neoprene Powerbelt
Here is another great product for the hunter on the move. Plenty of storage space and the ability to carry a full box of shells with you easily will make this belt indispensable.
• 3 Separate compartments
• Key ring holder
• Easy-Grip zipper pulls
• Belt adjusts to 60"
• Quick-release buckle
• 25 Shotgun shell loops
• Water-resistant neoprene
Model #AVRY-55260
Neoprene Powerbelt - Max7
Model #AVRY-55268
Neoprene Powerbelt - Bottomland

Neoprene Hand Warmer Gear Belt
RR-110-B-5 Neoprene Hand Warmer Gear Belt
Rig’Em Right’s Neoprene Hand Warmer Gear Belt is designed for warmth and accessibility. Features two large cargo pockets for quick access to ammo without the hassle of individual shell slots. Thick neoprene cover keeps ammo secure and zippered internal pockets are great for storing hunting license, keys or other valuables. Attaches to waders using durable metal hardware or the integrated removable waist belt. Soft fleece lining keeps hands warm and ready for the trigger.
• Large Ammo Pockets with Locking Cover
• Zippered Pockets for License, Keys or Wallet
• Soft Fleece Lining for Warmth
• Metal Hardware and Removable Waist belt
• Tough and Durable Construction
• Max5 HD Camo
Model #RR-110-B-5
Neoprene Hand Warmer Gear Belt

Clip-On Shotshell Carrier RR-031 – 3" Shell Saver
RR-032 – 3.5" Shell Saver

Rig’Em Right Shell Savers provide neoprene water-resistant protection for shotgun shells. Prolongs the life of your ammo and keeps shells organized and easily accessible. Tear off the ammo box top and slide it into clear slot to easily identify the contents.
Model #RR-031
3" Shell Saver
Model #RR-032
3.5" Shell Saver

Shell Boss 2.0
We perfected the Shell Boss 2.0 for gear organization and ammo storage in a small package, making them especially useful for hunting WMA’s that limit the number of shells you can carry. They are also a great alternative to a blind bag for hunters that prefer to travel extra light. Holds 3 Boxes inside or essential gear.

• Rugged HD2 material
• Adjustable strap with HD2 shoulder pad
• Improved zipper
• Improved durable hardware
• Outer storage pocket
• 2 Adjustable inner dividers
• 10 Neoprene front shell loops
• Rear rubber mesh storage pocket
• Thread-through handle
• Dimensions: 15" Width x 8" Height x 8" Depth

Model #DA1050-022
Shell Boss 2.0 - Habitat

Neoprene Shell Belt
Keep your shells and essential gear close at hand no matter your clothing or shell bag set-up. This adjustable belt is constructed of 3.5mm neoprene with 25 shell loops and a full-length top zipper for accessory storage.
• Adjustable webbing belt with quick-release buckle

Model #DA3002-013
Neoprene Shell Belt - Shadowgrass Blades
Model #DA3002-015
Neoprene Shell Belt - Max5
Model #DA3002-022
Neoprene Shell Belt - Habitat

HW-2526 MOJO Hull Sacker
The Mojo Pick Stick has proved to be one of the most popular products in the shotgun shooting sports, on the range or in the field. It completely eliminates the need to bend over to pick up empty shotgun hulls. Everyone should pick up their empty hulls to Leave the area as clean as it was.

Enter the Mojo Hull Sacker, which is a net basket with a specially designed hinged lid that allows one to conveniently rake the hulls into the basket using only the two hands - as the basket serves as the container and no additional container is needed. The Hull Sacker will easily pick up a box or more of hulls before the need to clean the hulls off the stick. The weak point in this process has been that to "rake” the hulls from the stick into a container, it required both hands so one must set the container down to free both hands.

The empty hull bag/basket holds up to 200 empty hulls which can be conveniently removed by simply turning upside-down allowing them to dump into whatever container is being used to accumulate them. Light, portable with a hanging strap for easy transport in the field or hanging when not in use. Together with the Pick Stick, this empty hull bag is a total solution to the chore of removing or saving empty hulls.

Model #HW-2526
MOJO Hull Sacker

HW-2411 MOJO Pick Stick Magnetic Shotgun Shell Retriever
MOJO has developed the most convenient easy way to pick up empty shotgun hulls in the field, utilizing a specially designed magnet mounted into an easy to use, adjustable “staff”. Will pick up as many as 25 hulls at a time. Easily raked off into a bag, bucket, etc. Light weight and handy, adjust from 32-1/2 to 55-1/2. Comfortable and convenient handle. Never bend over to pickup hulls again. Works in water or on dry land.
Model #HW-2411
MOJO Pick Stick Magnetic Shotgun Shell Retriever

HW-2491 MOJO Pocket Pick Stick
MOJO certainly changed the world of picking up your empty shotgun hulls when they introduced their Revolutionary Pick Stick, a magnetic adjustable shaft specially designed to cause empty shotgun hulls to "walk" up the side and thus allow one to pick up many more. Everyone should pick up their empties before they leave the field. It's the right thing to do and will go a long ways toward getting invited back to that land. Now, MOJO has developed the same great advantages in the highly portable MOJO Pocket Pick Stick version which utilizes double shock cord snaps allowing it to collapse into 10-1/2" sections complete with mesh bag and fits in the pocket or blind bag. The MOJO Pocket Pick Stick is perfect to take to the field with you.

Model #HW-2491
MOJO Pocket Pick Stick

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