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Knutson's Live Bait

Rigging Supplies - Anchor Molds - Lead Melting

Magnum Melter

Ladle pouring can be faster and better than bottom pouring for sinker molds, as well as some jig and lure molds. At last there is an economical high capacity dip out melter available – the 20 pound capacity Magnum Melter. It utilizes the proven high-efficiency design to raise lead to temperature in about 20 minutes from a cold start, holds twenty pounds of lead, and has a calibrated thermostat to maintain proper temperature. The 4" x 4" I.D. carbon steel pot is large enough to work well with the large No. 1905 Cast Iron Ladle. 700 Watts, 110 Volt AC.

Model- DOIT-1890
Magnum Melter
$84.99 each

#DOIT-1894 Lee Pro 4-20 Lead Melter
An affordable large capacity melter that holds 20 pounds of lead in a 4" x 4" I.D. carbon steel pot. Features four inches of clearance beneath the spout, a new micro adjustable flow control valve, and an adjustable mold guide. It uses the patented Lee high-efficiency design with a dependable remote sensing thermostat. The flow valve can be adjusted to pour sinkers of up to two and three ounces quickly and without wrinkles. Note: The position of the pour spout underneath this furnace does not make it well suited for bottom pouring spinner jig molds or other molds that require wires to protrude above. 700 watts, 110 Volt, adjustable heat control, and guaranteed by the manufacturer, for two (2) years.
Model #DOIT-1894
Lee Pro 4-20 Lead Melter
$109.99 Each

Model- DOIT-1892
This "electric ladle" has an externally mounted heating element to greatly extend element life. This unit both melts and pours lead. With its 4 LB lead capacity, heat resistant
plastic handle, metal stand, and three foot cord. 500 Watts, by Palmer  Mfg.

Model- DOIT-1901
This efficient bottom pouring furnace holds approximately 10 lbs. of lead.  With 4" of clearance under the spout.  With its 500 watts of power it is a
great help when melting lead for your decoy anchors.

Model- DOIT-1892
$59.99 each
Model- DOIT-1901
$96.99 each

#DOIT-1886 Large Ladle
With the capability of holding 8.5 lbs. of lead, this ladle is designed to be utilized for our Downrigger molds. 5" diameter. Steel construction. Right and left pouring lips. 18" handle.

#DOIT-1887 Large Cast Iron Pot
Designed to work in conjunction with our Large Ladle, this large pot will hold 50 lbs. of lead. 8" diameter, 4" depth. Wire handle, pouring lip and tipping handle. Cast iron construction.

Model- DOIT-1886
Large Ladle
$31.99 each
Model- DOIT-1887
Large Cast Iron Pot
$50.99 each

Model- DOIT-1905

This cast iron ladle has a 3" diameter cup to hold up to 1
-1/2 lbs. of lead and is designed to pour larger cavity molds. You can pour lead out of either side for ease of pouring.

Model- DOIT-1904

This cast iron pot has a large 20 LB capacity.  this 5" diameter pot holds twice
as much metal as the average bullet pot.  This is a great compliment item to the cast iron ladle #DOIT-1905.

Model- DOIT-1905
$23.99 each
Model- DOIT-1904
$26.99 each

#DOIT-2269 Clean Cast Fluxing Compound
Lead fluxing compound will remove sand, dirt, sludge, oxidation and other impurities in your lead which will result in better castings.
Model #DOIT-2269
Clean Cast Fluxing Compound
$17.99 Each

#DOIT-2270 Casting Release Spray
Release spray will apply a micon-sized graphite coating to the surface of your mold. Even though Do-It Molds do not require a release agent, this product will help the release of the castings on older or modified molds.

Special Shipping Notice: This product contains flammable materials and may be shipped only via ground service within the continental United States.
Model #DOIT-2270
Casting Release Spray
$18.99 Each

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