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Push Poles

HW-2311 MOJO Cajun Marsh Pole Set
The Cajun Marsh Pole by MOJO is a heavy duty, multi-function boating type pole that performs a lot of duties for any outdoor person, but designed for the waterfowler. It is a 3-piece telescoping pole that locks in place with positive pushpins and will adjust from a collapsed length of 48” to fully extended length of 115”.

Made of heavy duty corrugated aluminum, it comes complete with inter-changeable attachments to include a spring-loaded marsh foot, a paddle head and a decoy retrieval hook; ready to hunt or boat with. Paddle has angled line retrieval slots to allow snagging of decoys when using the paddle head.

All attachments lock positively into place with convenient pushpins. Rubber cap on hand end for comfort and a sling for storing.

This Cajun Style pole will get you around in the marsh or duck field with ease – no one tool will do this many things for you.
Model #HW-2311
Cajun Marsh Pole Set

RM-PPWH-16 2-Piece Octagon Pole with Marsh Head
• Telescoping pole adjusts from 6' to 11' 6"
• Octagon pole design means super strength
• Octagon pole shape and push button locks make aligning holes easy
• Comes with camo Automoatic Push Pole Head
• 1 set of clips to secure push pole to boat when not in use.
• Camouflage powder coating on pushpole and head means no glare or shiny spots

Model #RM-PPWH-16
2-Piece Octagon Pole with Marsh Head

RM-PPKIT-4 Complete Push Pole Kit
• 1 each 2-Piece Octagon Push Pole
• 1 each "The Original" Marsh Pole Head
• 1 each Hard Bottom Foot
• 1 each Heavy Duty Paddle Attachment
• 1 each Push Pole Point
• 1 each Gun Buddy
• 1 set of clips to secure push pole to boat when not in use.
• Camouflage color powder coating on our pushpole, head and foot.
Model #RM-PPKIT-4
Complete Push Pole Kit
PRICE $119.99 EACH

RM-CGH-1 "The Original" Marsh Pole Head
• Head opens and closes automatically, without use of springs
• Cast aluminum socket, glavanized blade, 3/16" solid copper rivet
• Designed to last even in salt water conditions
• Camouflage powder coating on pushpole head.
Model #RM-CGH-1
"The Original" Marsh Pole Head

RM-HBH-1 Hard Bottom Foot
• Unbreakable plastic duckfoot with decoy retrieval hook
• Open eye to hook decoy cord
• Designed to fit the Rich-Mar octagon push pole
Model #RM-HBH-1
Hard Bottom Foot

RM-PAD-1 Heavy Duty Paddle Attachment
• Heavy duty polyester paddle
• Designed to fit the Rich-Mar octagon push pole
Model #RM-PAD-1
Heavy Duty Paddle Attachment

RM-PNT-1 Push Pole Point
• Use point for walking stick or to stablize your boat
• Designed to fit the Rich-Mar octagon push pole
• Olive Drab color powder coating
Model #RM-PNT-1
Push Pole Point

RM-18PP 18 Foot Push Pole
• Extra length for extra versatility!
• Three six-foot sections easily snap together with stainless steel push pins that securely hold attachments.
• Quick assembly and disassembly.
Model #RM-18PP
18 Foot Push Pole

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