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Knutson's Live Bait


Mini Wood Duck Call Necklace
The BGC Mini Wood Duck acrylic call might be small ( 2-1/4”) but it delivers big on the real sounds that are so common among the beautiful and fast flying wood duck. From a flying squeal to the wood duck whine, you'll get their attention and coax them back to make another pass. If you've spent time pursuing waterfowl in areas that have a wood duck population, you're aware that these small and fast flyers often speed by without warning.
The Mini Wood Duck call, with it's hand-tested Mylar reed, is a great way to get their attention and to swing them back for another look. The BGC Mini Wood Duck call is is also an effective confidence call to sooth mallards, teal, pintail, or gadwall into range. Each call is hand tested at the BGC facility in Memphis, TN to make sure the full range of the wood duck is easily reproduced. The weather resistant nylon lanyard is fully adjustable, and it's accented with three aluminum replica mini duck bands.

BG-NWD-WHS-BLP-CS - Blue Pearl
BG-NWD-WHS-BP-CS - Black Pearl
$16.99 each

DNBHKAY - Miss Kay Bobble Head
The revered matriarch of the Robertson clan is Miss Kay! No one can keep those boys in line like her. From her jambalayas and banana pudding to her fried deer steak and sticky frog legs, she is known for making her family home cooked meals! Every fan needs this Miss Kay Bobblehead from Duck Commander. In true Miss Kay fashion, she has on a colorful apron and is presenting a dish for your enjoyment. Keep her near your kitchen and you are sure to be inspired to cook up something special! Approximately 7" tall.

$5.99 each


DC-NOV-MPLATE - Black/Silver
DC-NOV-PLP - Black/Pink
Metal Duck Commander License Plate
Represent Duck Commander with this black and silver Duck Commander logo license plate as you drive around town.

Colors: Black/Silver or Black/Pink

$13.99 each


Model # D-0111 Duckling Floater

These fun little Duckling decoys have many uses weather you are having a Ducky Derby, Pluck a Duck Game, fun in the tub or just to put in your garden pond these little beauties will get a lot of attention. This decoys measures 5 1/2" from beak to tail. Available in white and yellow.

$2.49 each
$22.99 per Dozen

D-0111 Duckling Floater - Yellow
$2.49 Each
D-0111 Duckling Floater - Yellow
$22.99 per dozen
D-0111BCO Duckling Floater - White
$2.49 Each
D-0111BCO Duckling Floater - White
$22.99 per dozen

Model # D-0222 Standing Duckling

These little Standing Ducklings have been a lot of fun to sell at decoy shows over the last few years, the little kids and mothers just love them. Weather they will be a best friend to a youngster or a garden pet these decoys look very real and are well built. They measure 5" tall and are 7" from tail to beak.

$3.99 each
$31.99 per Dozen

D-0222 Standing Duckling
$3.99 Each
D-0222 Standing Duckling
$31.99 per dozen

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