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Knutson's Live Bait

Predator Mouth Call Decoys

Viper - Verminator Predator Mouth Call
The Viper Predator mouth call is designed and endorsed by Rick Paillet - the Verminator. It is made of a soft, flexible material that is unlike any other. The Viper is unique with its two separate closed-reed chambers, one of which produces a shrill high pitch cottontail sound and the other creates a raspy jackrabbit squeal. Blowing the two together will create an ear piercing, extremely loud, irresistible sound to predators.

LD-22712-1 - $19.99 Ea.


Stryker - Verminator Predator Mouth Call
Check out this Unique design predator mouth call! Designed and endorsed by Rick Paillet - the Verminator. The Stryker is a closed reed call featuring a bold "Skull" design. This call produces unmatched rabbit distress sounds and is simple to use-just blow! Impress your buddies with this cool mouth call.

LD-22812-8 - $19.99 Ea.


Haydel's Black Death
Okay we know this is an ugly call hence it's name. . . cause death isn't pretty! This open reed predator call features a thin reed for easy blowing. It responds well from making bird distress sounds to coyote vocalizations, this call will do it all.

HBD-11 - $17.99 Ea.


Haydel's Coyote Howler
This compact Coyote howler is designed to locate and call dominate dogs. Also effective in locating turkeys.

HCH-92 - $16.99 Ea.


Haydel's Squeal Type Varmint
Excellent for creating your own distress calls. As you bite down the pitch gets higher.

HSV-87 - $10.99 Ea.


Flextone Mouse Trap
• Over-sized for louder and longer squeaks
• Strap to gun or hand for one-handed operation
• Perfect for close range coaxing
• Eliminates movement and freeze-proof

FG-PRED-00008 - $12.99 Ea.


Flextone Coyote Rage
The Coyote Rage™ is the perfect long distance call and locator. The soft, flexible barrel allows the user to control volume and back pressure by squeezing the end enabling you to produce natural sounding yips, barks, and howls. As with all of our flextone calls it is silent if accidently coming in contact with your gun or bow.

FG-PRED-00001 - $14.99 Ea.


Flextone Dying Rabbit
Predators can’t resist investigating the natural sounds of the Dying Rabbit™ Call. The flexible design gives this call lots of inflection and natural pleading sound. Just squeeze the end closed for a quiet whine or release for louder volume. It is a coaxer and long distance call all in one.

FG-PRED-00002 - $12.99 Ea.


Flextone Dying Mouse
The Dying Mouse™ is the perfect mid to close range coaxer. Its flexible body not only delivers realistic tones, but by bending the body and you can change the volume and pitch. Blowing hard delivers mid-range mouse screams, while bending the bell creates close range coaxing mouse squeaks. The Dying Mouse™ is the ultimate in finishing predator calls.

FG-PRED-00007 - $12.99 Ea.


Flextone Rabid Rabbit
The Rabid Rabbit™ is one of two calls with the new “Super Sonic Range” of predator calls. The Rabid Rabbit’s™ dual custom made voices, make it super loud for extended range in calling. Make them all go crazy over the Rabid Rabbit™.

FG-PRED-00011 - $14.99 Ea.


Flextone Eastern Predator Combo
The Eastern Predator Combo™ includes both the Dying Rabbit™ and the Dying Mouse™. It’s the perfect package for hunting the Eastern states where Rabbits reside. The Dying Rabbit's™ flexible design gives this call lots of inflection and natural pleading sound. Just squeeze the end closed for a quiet whine or release for louder volume. It is a coaxer and long distance call all in one. Once the predator has committed, switch to the Dying Mouse™ and use it as a close-range coaxer so you can finish him off. It’s the ultimate combo kit for the hard-core eastern predator hunter.

FG-PRED-00009 - $20.99 Ea.


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