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Knutson's Live Bait

Pigeon Motion Decoys

LD-21-30219-4 Lucky HD Pigeon
The Lucky HD Pigeon is the toughest and most realistic spinning wing decoy on the market. Includes an integrated chest mount, protected battery compartment, and secure bungee attachment for countless hours of trouble free hunting. This decoy resembles a landing Pigeon with magnetic wings, and the flash of the spinning wings will attract pigeons from long distances. Will run 12-14 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included). Includes 3-piece 42” stake. HD remote ready - purchased separately.

Price $89.99 each
LD-21-30219-4 Lucky HD Pigeon

TU 250RC Turning Wings Wood Pigeon Decoy
• Includes 2 Electric Motors
• Battery
• Battery Charger
• Metal Stake
• Remote Control

Sport Plast Decoys

Price $189.99 each

MGR FL 210 FB Merry-Go-Round Wood Pigeon
• Electric motor with speed regulator:
12V; 15watt; 16-32 rpm
• Rechargeable Battery: 12V - 4ah
• Battery Charger: output 12V - 500mA

Sport Plast Decoys
Price $239.99 each

HW-2410 MOJO Pigeon
Pigeon hunting is a very popular sport in many countries and is increasing in others including the US as hunters learn about their availability and ease of decoying. Pigeons are attracted to SWD’s similar to, or more than doves and ducks. The MOJO Pigeon is a realistic simulation of a landing Wood Pigeon that features a realistic body with the standard MOJO Mounting Peg, direct drive motor with magnetically connected wings. Operates up to 16 hours on 4-AA batteries (not included) and equipped with a new heavy-duty on/off switch. Complete with 3-piece metal mounting pole. Provides a new off-season sport for most hunters.
HW-2410 MOJO Pigeon
$49.99 Each

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