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Knutson's Live Bait

Duck Motion Decoys - Jerk Rigs

Reel Motion Sound Activated Jerk Rig
• Activated by the sound of your call
• 10’ - 12’ of decoy motion travel
• Sets-up in minutes
• Operate up to 10 decoys simultaneously
• 5 hours of run time with 8-10 decoys
• Default motion every 15 seconds 100’ of draw line and pre-tied dynamic cord
• Volume sensitivity control
• Base plate and 24” stab kit elevates control box above surface
RM100 Black
$249.99 Per Kit
RM100MX5 Camo $269.99 Per Kit
Reel Motion Sound Activated Jerk RigReel Motion Sound Activated Jerk Rig
RM100 Black
$249.99 Per Kit

RM100MX5 Camo
$269.99 Per Kit

Reel Motion Add-A-Rig RM-ADDA Reel Motion Add-A-Rig
Supplementary or Stand Alone Jerk Rig
• Can be used with the Reel Motion Sound Activated System or as stand alone jerk rig
• 100' of draw line and pre-tied dynamic cord
• Anchor included

Model #RM-ADDA
Reel Motion Add-A-Rig
$42.99 Each

Jerk Cord Kit AVRY-81034 Jerk Cord Kit
The Swimmer-Chaser kit duplicates the look of up to six ducks chasing each other through you spread. This kit includes 100 feet of braided line, a winder handle, a KW-1 carry bag, a 1.5 lb. grapple anchor for deeper water.
• 21 feet of travel brings 6 decoys to life
• 100" of heavy-duty line
• 1.5 lb. grapple anchor for deeper water
Model # AVRY-81034
Jerk Cord Kit
$34.99 Per Kit

RR-004-SU Step-Up Jerk Rig
• Keep your gear protected, organized and easily accessible
Complete Kit Includes:
• Custom designed swivels and clips for attaching 4 decoys
• Heavy-duty string winder with deluxe handle and 100’ of line
• Durable floating stuff sack
• 1.5 lb. folding anchor

Model # RR-004-SU
Step-Up Jerk Rig
$43.99 Per Kit

Mega Motion Jerk Rig Kit RR-004-MM Mega Motion Jerk Rig Kit
Create a commotion with Rig'Em Right's Mega Motion Jerk Rig Kit. Crates lifelike swimming motion for up to 12 decoys. Will draw ducks feet down and in your face with the pull of a string. Kit contains 100' of mainline rope with pre-tied bungee cord. Rope winder. 3 collapsible anchors. Spring clips. Heavy-duty floating case for transportation. Convenient pre-rigged clips attach to any decoy.

Model # RR-004-MM
Mega Motion Jerk Rig Kit
$94.99 Per Kit

RR-004 The Rig'Em Right Jerk Rig
Real ducks Swim. So we built the ultimate decoy motion device. It’s lightweight, compact, easily fits into a coat pocket or blind bag and sets up in minutes. Used to draw ducks “feet down” at close range, this is an updated twist on the jerk cord concept. Gives motion for up to 4 decoys and is now a mainstay in the Duck Commander’s™ bag of tricks.
• Miniature anchor
• Bungee cord 100’ of durable nylon line
• Pre-tied swivels for four decoys
• Reusable string winder
• Two eye bolts for various setup options
• Stuff sack
Model # RR-004
The Rig'Em Right Jerk Rig
$30.99 Per Package

HW101 MOJO Jerk-A-Spreader
Traditional jerk strings only let you pull a few decoys in a straight line. The unique Jerk-A-Spreader allows you to move a dozen decoys all at once. This gives your decoy spread movement and looks more realistic. The Jerk-A-Spreader easily packs into your decoy bag, is light weight and sets up quickly. It comes with 3 Decoy Spreaders, a 4" stake, Bungee Cord, 60' of Tar Treated String and Swivels. No assembly required... just attach your decoys. Rigs one dozen decoys.
Model # HW101
MOJO Jerk-A-Spreader
$46.99 Per Package

HW2202 MOJO Jerk Cord
The most convenient and user friendly Jerk Cord on the market. Cord is stored conveniently on metal pole frame that doubles as the anchor pole. Anchor pole will support a MOJO Spinning Wing Decoy for added realism. Contains 60 feet of tar treated cord that accepts up to 5 decoys (decoys not included) attached with stainless steel swivels, included. Includes specially designed unique handle to store any unused cord.
Model # HW2202
MOJO Jerk Cord
$27.99 Per Package

Used to make jerk rigs and anything else that you might need 1/8" black shock cord for.
$.35 Per Foot

This 3/16" black shock cord has a lot of stretch which is needed when you put together a jerk rig.
$.59 Per Foot

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