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Knutson's Live Bait

Canadian Goose Windsocks

SH-CAN-1 Sentry Canada Goose Decoys
These decoys come in a standard dozen pack with our Flocked Canada Goose Sentry Heads, patented BackBone™ Supports, Canada Goose Body Bags, Deadly® Decoy Stainless Steel Stakes, and retainer tubing.

Deadly Decoys' patent BackBone™ Support gives a full body appearance with unrivaled movement. The Tyvek® Body Bag features an intricate, full color, ultra realistic feather detail that is printed using special processes that result in a life like durable finish. Its wide mouth design catches even the slightest breeze resulting in that all-important movement needed to attract large numbers of waterfowl. Dimensions of the Goose Body Bag are 12” W X 19” L. The lifelike Sentry head threads onto the stake. Detailed feathering and flocking that matches a real bird makes this head one of the most realistic of any type of decoy on the market. The BackBone™ Supports and heads are made from a formulated Engineered Thermoplastic that gives them durability and strength to withstand even the extreme temperatures of late winter. Stakes are 3/16" diameter powder coated stainless steel that is 30" long giving you 24" of stake below the bottom of the head.

$104.99 Per Dozen


SS-1708 Sillosocks Knockdown Headless Canada Goose
These new space saving headless windsock decoys have grommeted collars which helps them puff up with only a 1 mph breeze. Super lightweight yet strong and durable. These new windsock decoys come with built in drain holes. They come with Oversize tyvek bags for greater visibility. No-shine super realistic feather detail in the artwork.

$69.99 Per Dozen

SS-1739 Sillosocks Sentry Canada Goose Conversion Heads
TThese Sillosock 3D Canada Goose Head Conversion Kits come with 12 heads and fittings. They can be added to any Headless Knockdown Decoy.

$52.99 Per Dozen

SIL-1081 Canada Goose Windsocks
Our patented design has revolutionized the windsock decoy. Absolute realism is the difference between an early limit or a long day in the field. Our integrated support system requires no wind for full body appearance. Combining the flocked silhouette head with a screen printed windsock body we have created the most compact lightweight decoy available. Our unique staking system provides different ranges of movement not found on any other decoys. A slight breeze will have them bobbing and waddling like feeding waterfowl. Numerous guides who hunt a 100 days a year have proven the decoys to be extremely durable. These Canada Goose Sillosocks are easily stacked for storage and transport. Measures 26" long.

$69.99 Per Doz.
Standard Dozen:

SIL-1432 Sentry Canada Goose
SilloSocks combine the best qualities of windsocks, silhouettes and full-body decoys. A patented support system keeps the Tyvek® body open on windless days. The 3-D sentry heads are made of soft plastic for compact storage and are supported by a lightweight metal stake, allowing free movement in any breeze.

$87.99 Dozen

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