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Knutson's Live Bait

Canada Field Goose Decoys - Standard

AVRY-70005 Essential Series Honker Shells
This shell decoy blends economy with realism and diversity. Multiple head styles with 6 decoys containing motion capability.
• Includes 4 Actives, 4 Semi-Actives and 4 Feeders per dozen
• All Heads Flocked
• 6 Universal Motion Stakes
AVRY-70005 Essential Series Honker Shells
$199.99 per Dozen

AVRY-72064 Pro-Grade Honker Shells - Harvester Pack
This is a true half shell with no stakes that are easy to put out quickly and still realistic. One piece sleepers are a dream to stack and transport.
• Harvester Pack includes 3 Left Feeders, 3 Right Feeders, 2 Resters, 2 Semi-Resters and 2 Sleepers
• No stakes are included
• All heads flocked
AVRY-72064 Pro-Grade Honker Shells - Harvester Pack
$174.99 per Dozen

Model # FL1010 Flying Canada Goose
Sport-Plast has made innovative decoys and this is another unique one. This Flying Canada Decoy gives the illusion of a Goose gliding in for a landing. This decoy also makes great decoration in a lodge when hung up. The measurements are 27" from beak to tail and the wing span is 33". Each decoy comes with a hanger and a wind directional attachment that goes on a pole.

Sport Plast Decoys

FL1010 Flying Canada Goose
$39.99 each

Model# SH2P210 Canada Goose Shell 2 Pc.

With it's molded cheek patches so that you will not have to repaint, to it's heavy duty stake with foot peg, this decoy is what most hunters have been looking for in a Standard Canada Shell. This decoy is packaged 4 feeders and 2 sentry per 6 pack.

Sport Plast Decoys

Canadian Goose Hunting Shells

Canada Goose Shell 2 Pc.
$109.99 per 6-pack
Canada Goose Shell 2 Pc.
$209.99 per Dozen

Low Cost Foldable Canada GooseLow Cost Foldable Canada Goose
SP-LC910-2 Low Cost Foldable Canada Goose

Sport Plast DecoysSport Plast developed the folding and collapsible goose decoy made exclusive in soft plastic "sport gum" material. This material has excellent flexibility, memory and a good paint adhesion that allows the hunter to fold it down to 1/3 its original size for storage and transportation. These decoys come with a special wind directional leg-stake that allows the decoy to ride in front of the wind and allows easy set up in the field.
Size: 23.5" Upright, 29" Feeder
Packaged: 4 Upright and 8 Feeder per dozen

Low Cost Foldable Canada Goose
$124.99 per Dozen

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