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Knutson's Live Bait

Widgeon Decoys
AVRY-74143 Pro-Grade FFD Wigeon Decoys
One of the keys to successful duck hunting is finishing birds in close and a huge element of that is your decoy spread. There are all forms of configurations that work but you need two factors above all others to be effective. Those factors are realism and diversity. GHG Pro-Grade decoys offer both with ultra-realistic carvings and paint schemes and multiple versions and species. These are the ultimate decoys, flocked to eliminate decoy glare and replicate exact feather detail.
• FFD Pro-Grade Wigeons Include:
1 High-Head Drake
2 Rester Drakes
1 Surface Feeder Drake
1 Surface Feeder Hen
1 Rester Hen

AVRY-74143 Pro-Grade FFD Wigeon Decoys
$92.99 per 6 pack

8024-SDU Stormfront Widgeon Decoy
Flambeau Storm Front Widgeon Duck Decoys will help you be more successful in the field.

8024-SDU Stormfront Widgeon Decoy
$19.99 per pair
8024-SDU Stormfront Widgeon Decoy
$49.99 per 6 pack

Standard Weighted Keel Widgeon
WG50 Standard Weighted Keel Widgeon
Found in all four flyways, the Widgeon is one of the earliest migrators. This duck could be named the "bandit duck" as it likes to steal food from diving ducks such as Bluebills and Redheads. Diver hunters would be wise to have these Standard Widgeon decoys off the side of their rigs. Widgeons like to decoy to their own kind. The addition of this remarkable species helps to highlight any decoy set.
Length: 17" long
Packaged: 3 Drakes and 3 Hens per 6 pack

WG50 Standard Weighted Keel Widgeon
$34.99 per pair
WG50 Standard Weighted Keel Widgeon
$82.99 per 6 pack

STD 105-106 Standard Weighted Widgeon
These standard weighted keel Widgeon are some of the nicest on the market today. The drakes heads are in the resting position and measure 13 1/2" from breast to tail. The hens also measures 13 1/2" from breast to tail. These decoys are packed 6 drakes and 6 hens per dozen.

Standard Weighted Widgeon
$18.50 Pair
Standard Weighted Widgeon
$49.99 per 6 Pack
Standard Weighted Widgeon
$89.99 per dozen

DLXMG 105-106 Magnum Weighted Keel Widgeon
We are real excited about this decoy as it is the first time that we have ever offered a Magnum Weighted Keel Widgeon. This decoy measures 16 1/2" from breast to tail and is packaged 3 drakes and 3 hens per 6 pack.

Sport Plast Decoys
Magnum Weighted Keel Widgeon - $25.99 per pair

Magnum Weighted Keel Widgeon - $69.99 per 6-pack

Magnum Weighted Keel Widgeon - $134.99 per Dozen

AX-FG-DCOY-68084 Top Flight Wigeon
These Topflight Wigeon Decoys from Avian-X project the color, attitude and posture of a real flock of Wigeon on the water. Combining a custom-style paint job and carefully selected postures. True-to-life Wigeon decoys that feature bold, life-like color designed to project from a great distance to lure birds into your spread. Durable decoys combines an ultra-realistic paint scheme with an innovative weight-forward keel design and integrated swim clip that creates a realistic swimming motion in the slightest current or breeze. 6 Pack includes 2 Rester Drakes, 2 Swimmer Drakes, and 2 Rester Hens.

AX-FG-DCOY-68084 Top Flight Wigeon - $29.99 per pair AX-FG-DCOY-68084 Top Flight Wigeon - $69.99 per 6-pack

TF-D6006B Pro Series Wigeon
These realistic looking wigeon are great used alone or in combination with other species. The upright drakes give the appearance of a bird moving on the water, while tucked hen appears very content.

• Created by master carver, Don Mintz
• Realistic posture and feather detailing
• Upright and low head positions
• Weighted Keel
• Packaged per 6: 4 Drakes & 2 Hens
(2) Upright Drakes, (2) Low Head Drakes, (2) Low Head Hens

Widgeon Weighted Keel Decoys
Pro Series Wigeon - $20.99 per pair Pro Series Wigeon - $53.99 per 6-pack

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