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Knutson's Live Bait

Canvasback Decoys

FL-1325-GSD Gunning Series Foam Filled Canvasback Decoys
Introducing the Gunning Series Decoy—Flambeau's homage to the rich history of waterfowling that duck hunters so proudly revere. Modeled after the heritage carving concept of simplicity and efficiency once based on the real anatomy of ducks, the Gunning Series puts back into the modern decoy the hand-carved originality of a rounded bottom with the paramount feature that had become absent in the evolution of decoy designs over the years—the gunning style keel. The low-profile, or skeg-style keel, in combination with the decoy's carefully engineered curved underside tips the Jones cap in gratitude to what our predecessors knew best—a design that makes the decoy ride the water like a live duck.
Includes: (4) Swimmer Drakes and (2) Swimmer Hens per 6 Pack
• Live-action, independent movement in the slightest breeze or surface currents due to the minimized drag and water displacement by the curved hull and low-profile keel
• Natural, anatomical curvature of the hull forces moving water down and away, allowing the decoy to ride and glide on top of strong current like a live duck
• Auto corrects direction when riding waves to mimic the authentic movement of a duck swimming in open water waves
• Floats in mere inches of water, making it ideal for spreads in the rows of flooded grain fields
• Carefully engineered body designs that decrease unnatural, side-to-side wobbling by evenly balancing out the weight of the decoy across the water
• Plasma treatment paint adhesion technology for long-lasting abuse in the field
• Foam filled interior
• Patented UVision paint technology for a high-definition paint scheme of unparalleled realism that reflects the real UV signature of waterfowl plumage to the eye of live ducks
• New proprietary composite construction—durable, quiet, resilient

FL-1325-GSD Gunning Series Foam Filled Canvasback Decoys
$119.99 per 6 Pack

AVRY-77161 Hunter Series Over Size Foam Filled Canvasback Decoys
Our original line of duck decoys is still going strong in the Hunter Series. True-to-life postures with  vivid color schemes combined in a durable package designed for hard use.
• Foam-filled for extra durability
• 60/40 Dura-Keel
• 6 Pack includes: 4 Drakes and 2 Hens

AVRY-77161 Hunter Series Over Size Foam Filled Canvasback Decoys
$106.99 per 6 Pack

AVRY-77150 Pro-Grade Foam Filled Canvasback
The Pro-Grade Foam Filled Series is our top shelf decoy, the results of raising the bar higher and higher. These decoys have the feather detail, durability, and finishing power that separates them from the rest. Unique body positions create spread diversity that brings them in close from the beginning of the season to the end. Add in the tough-as-nails durability of foam filling and these decoys are built to last for many seasons to come.
• 6 Pack Includes:
2 Active Drakes
1 Active Hen
2 Rester Drakes
1 Rester Hen

AVRY-77150 Pro-Grade Foam Filled Canvasback
$94.99 per 6 Pack

AVX-8086 Top Flight Canvasback Decoys
These rugged, wide, magnum decoys are designed for the rough open water where these ducks rest and feed. We have created these decoys to suck down and ride the waves like real ducks and they are very realistic because they were carved by world champion decoy carver, Rick Johannsen. Simply put, there is no equal to these decoys when it comes to realism, anatomy and design. We have selected the head positions and body postures to mimic the natural attitude these birds possess and constructed these decoys from rubberized molding material needed to withstand the abuse in these rough conditions. Packaged 1 Sleeper Drake, 2 High Head Drakes, 1 Sleeper Hen and 2 High Head Hens per six pack.

AVX-8086 Top Flight Canvasback Decoys
$119.99 per 6 Pack

AVX-8100 Foam-Filled Open Water Decoys
Built to withstand the most rugged open water conditions, these indestructible decoys will ride out any storm. Core-Loc technology fills each bird with marine-grade foam to 100% capacity. That means there's zero extra space for unwanted water. Stability on the interior plus authentic looks and custom feather detail on the exterior create absolute redhead and canvasback perfection. This unique open water pack includes two species that bare down on rough waters. Three redheads and three canvasbacks will give your spread an extra dose of attention-grabbing realism and color variety. Fill 'em with shot, and the decoys will keep floating with lifelike movement on a weight-forward swim keel. Packaged 2 Sleeper Canvasback Drakes, 2 Sleeper Redhead Drakes, 1 Sleeper Canvasback Hen and 1 Sleeper Redhead Hen per six pack.

AVX-8100 Foam-Filled Open Water Decoys
$46.99 per Pair
AVX-8100 Foam-Filled Open Water Decoys
$112.99 per 6 Pack

CB11 Standard Weighted Keel Canvasback
These Standard Canvasback decoys are molded of high-impact plastic for lightweight durability. Custom manufactured in the U.S.A. using domestic flyway body styles. Specially treated surface for maximum paint adhesion and longevity. Anchor line adjustment hook. Authentically hand-painted with natural bird colors for exceptional realism. Non-glare paint. Raised feather detail and realistic acrylic eyes.
Length: 15" long
Packaged: 3 Drakes and 3 Hens per 6 pack

CB11 Standard Weighted Keel Canvasback
$34.99 per Pair
CB11 Standard Weighted Keel Canvasback
$89.99 per 6 Pack

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