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Knutson's Live Bait

Squirrel Calls

Flextone Ol’ Bushytail Squirrel Call
While we love the tradition that old-school squirrel hunters have built for us, we also don't mind making new traditions – like using game calls to make our hunts more fun and productive. Enter the Ol' Bushytail four-in-one squirrel call.

Squirrels are vocal critters, and it usually only takes one call to get them all talking. Ol' Bushytail offers four realistic and deadly calls to strike up a conversation with all the fox or gray squirrels in the area. With a bark, whine, alarm chatter or distress call... you'll get them right where you want them.
• Barks, whines, alarm chatter and distress calls
• Effective on fox and gray squirrels

FLXSC053 - Ol’ Bushytail Squirrel Call - $24.99 Ea.


Flextone Squirrel Call
Flextone technology gives this call an incredibly natural sound and it is silent if accidentally contacting your gun. It will reproduce accurate chatter, barks, and whines of the grey or fox squirrel.

FG-SPEC-00003 - Squirrel Call - $12.99 Ea.


Faulk's Squirrel Distress Call
Maple wood call with rubber bellows and metal sound device. Simple hand operation produces effective squirrel chatter.

FSD-87 - Squirrel Distress Call - $13.99 Ea.


Faulk's Deluxe Squirrel Call
Maple wood call with rubber bellows and metal sound device. Simple hand operation produces effective squirrel chatter.

FS-85 - Deluxe Squirrel Call - $15.99 Ea.


Faulk's Squirrel Call
Rubber bulb with metal sound device. Simple to operate. Tap lightly to produce effective chatter.

FS-80 - Squirrel Call - $8.99 Ea.


Haydel's Original Deluxe 3-in-1 Squirrel Call
Emits the bark or chatter of the Bushytail. Blowing moderately into the exhaust barrel gives the cry of Grey Squirrels. Blowing 5 panicky notes creates the high-pitched cries of a baby in distress.

DS-85 - Deluxe Squirrel Call - $17.99 Ea.
R-H-1 -
Replacment Reed - $1.49 Ea.


Haydel's Squirrel Whistle
Imitates the distress call of a young squirrel. It works! Excites squirrels, makes them bark and, at times move toward your location.

SW-92 - Squirrel Whistle - $13.99 Ea.


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