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Knutson's Live Bait

Pheasant Calls

Flambeau's Pheasant Call
• Produces the excite cackle of the cock pheasant for flushing birds, and the assembly cluck of the flock for early morning locating
• Work especially well near roosts
• Field proven

FL102 - Flambeau's Pheasant Call - $12.99 Ea.


Haydel's Pheasant Call
Simulates the greeting call to locate others and the distress call to flush birds holding tight.

P-90 - Haydel's Pheasant Call - $14.99 Ea.


Faulk's Pheasant Call
Pheasant call in walnut finish with tuned metal reed for a natural tone.

FPH-95 - Faulk's Pheasant Call - $15.99 Ea.


Primos Pheasant Call
The Pheasant call is easy to use. In the early mornings, the call can be used to entice a cock pheasant into giving away his location by answering with a cackle. When you have moved into gun range, use an excited raspy series of cackles, to flush the cock pheasant out for a clear shot.
• Classic, hardwood barrel for loud, yet true tones
• Specially designed reed for super-loud and raspy cackles
• Great for locating and flushing cock pheasants

PM-342 - Primos Pheasant Call - $12.99 Ea.


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