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Knutson's Live Bait

Tim Grounds Mallard Duck Calls

Tim Grounds Lil Woods Sweet Meet Call
Tim Grounds "Lil Woods Sweet Meet" single reed duck call gives you great control on your quacks, double cuts, and feeding calls. This call is made for timber hunting or on those days when there is no wind. Lil Woods Sweet Meet is pure duck and made in the USA.

TG-WOODS-BEM - Birds Eye Maple - $29.99 Ea.
Hedge No Band - $29.99 Ea.


Tim Grounds Lil' Attitude Duck Call
Tim Grounds new double reed duck call Lil' Attitude is anything but small when it comes to pure duck. Excellent range, this call is DUCK all the way.

TG-ATTBS - Black Silver - $136.99 Ea.
Ivory - $136.99 Ea.
Black Gold - $136.99 Ea.

Black Silver, Ivory, Black Gold


Tim Grounds My Girl Amber and Clear Duck Call
This single reed duck call has a shorter barrel for better low end sounds and has an awesome top end ring.

TG-GIRL-AC - Amber and Clear - $114.99 Ea.


Tim Grounds D'Overhauler Duck Call
Not only has Tim Grounds put more duck in the new “D” Overhauler, but he has made it easy for you to get it out. The new Quarter Barrel Mouth Piece design reduces both, the amount of air needed to run the call, and the distance from your mouth to the reed by almost 25%. This creates an easy blowing call with the natural rattle of a nasty ol’ hen. Its newly designed insert boasts a tone board that drops like a mallard comin’ in to floating acorns, giving the reed freedom to move and flex further, creating unmatched tonal control. It also has a tapered ream sound chamber for unbelievable volume on those windy days. So it doesn’t matter if you’re soft talkin’ while standing in timber, or high-ballin’ while sitting in a pit, this call will getcha some... Made in the USA.

TG-DOEB - Electric Blue - $116.99
Emerald & Ivory - $116.99


Tim Grounds Sweet Meat Duck Call
This acrylic Sweet Meet Duck call is hand crafted with a smoke insert.

TG-SWEET-SIL - Black Silver & Smoke - $66.99 Ea.
Smoky Joe & Smoke - $66.99 Ea.


Tim Grounds My Little Girl Duck Call
Do you want the best short barrel duck call that has ever been made? Check out MY LITTLE GIRL. Second to none, this call is the best short barrel single reed duck call that I have ever blown. I'll put 'My Little Girl' up against any call on the market today for cuts, double cuts, and that old lonesome hen. This is the duck call I have been lookin' for. I have never liked a single reed duck call for huntin', but MY LITTLE GIRL is the snottiest, duckiest, short barrel that has ever been introduced to the market, as far as I am concerned. We are known for geese, but we are moving in on the DUCKS. Tim Grounds.

TG-LITTLE-CR - Clear with Red Insert - $116.99 Ea.
Ivory & Chartreuse - $116.99 Ea.


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