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Knutson's Live Bait

RnT Mallard Duck Calls

RnT Original Duck Calls
This is the ultimate one call that will do it all. From loud ringing hail calls, raw, hang-it-all-out duck, to super sexy, soft, up close, “put your landing gear down” calling. This call was designed to be easy for the average caller to operate. Made to produce a wide range of sounds both soft, low, loud, and raspy. And built to last and withstand the harshest, coldest, wettest, nastiest weather brought on by the almighty duck gods. Simple. Versatile. Dependable. Forever. This is the way it is and will always be.

RNT400 - Clear Acrylic - $139.99 each
- Smoke Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Screwdriver Acrylic - $139.99 each
- Mallard Green Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Bocote - $84.99 each
RNT213 - Electric Blue Acrylic - $144.99 each

- Black Cherry - $144.99 each

- Redneck Acrylic - $139.99 each


Left to Right: Row 1: Clear, Smoke, Screwdriver, Mallard Green, Row 2: Bocote, Electric Blue, Black Cherry, Redneck

Mondo S Duck Call
Introducing the Mondo S, the “S” stands for “Shorty” we’ve shortened the regular Mondo barrel a strong three quarters of an inch offering the regular Mondo in a new short barreled version. This speeds the air up getting to the reed and effectively reduces the back pressure even more, what you put in, is what you get out along with making it a touch higher pitched… Clean on top and a higher pitched rattle in the middle just may be the key that unlocks a Mondo wad of Mallards high out of a silver blue winters sky.

RNT2100 - Black - $144.99 each
- Steel Shot - $144.99 each


Mondo LTS Duck Call
Introducing the Mondo LTS, the “S” stands for “Shorty” we’ve shortened the regular Mondo barrel a strong three quarters of an inch offering the Mondo LT in a new short barreled version. This speeds the air up getting to the reed and effectively reduces the back pressure even more maintain it’s loose bottom end, what you put in, is what you get out along with making it a touch higher pitched… That high pitch raspy sound just may be the key that unlocks a Mondo wad of Mallards high out of a silver blue winters sky.

RNT2200 - Black - $144.99 each
- Steel Shot/Black - $144.99 each


Mondo LAS Duck Call
The Mondo LAS, like all of the “S” Mondos, has a short barrel. Same great hard angled toneboard as the original Mondo LA, that is cut down under the reed, but with a shorter barrel. Due to that, this call is very responsive and will keep you honest. Pure on the bottom like the others with a strong top end and mid range with that LA rattle in the chatter.

RNT7150 - Teal Acrylic - $139.99 each
- Blue Acrylic - $139.99 each


RnT DC Diablo Duck Call
We have taken the signature deep raspy sound of our original Daisy Cutters, and mixed it with a touch of soft whiney back pressure that is so often associated with finishing type calls. The result is a medium volume, deep, raspy, feather-slinging little silvered tongue devil that can be used virtually in any hunting environment open water or timber. Single Reed. O-ring insert.

RNT1062 - Bocote - $84.99 Ea.

RnT Lil Richie Duck Call
The “Lil Richie” is a classic Timber style call in every sense of the way, from its throwback sound to its classy vintage styling. We have drawn on the days of the past when Timber calls were built for the fabled green timber tracts on the Grand Prairie, when a deep, raspy, lower volume call with lots of hold, were desired. We have finished off this masterpiece with the trademark looks of the early years of Rich-N-Tone.

RNT1344 - Kelly Green Acrylic - $139.99 each
- Black Acrylic - $144.99 each


RnT Big Boy - Flying Duck Co. Duck Call
The “Big Boy” is a call made with the same specs as the duck call Butch Richenback designed and made for David Starks, in which he used to win the 1985 Champion of Champions Duck Calling Championship. David, 1981 and 1984 World Duck calling Champion, wanted a bigger call than the normal contest calls of that time. He wanted a call with a larger mouthpiece to help eliminate air leaking from the corners of his lips after contstant calling. He also wanted a larger stopper so the call was easier to handle and his bigger than normal hands, didn’t smother the call. In the end he wanted a call with both a longer barrel and stopper, to give his call a different deeper ring on top and enough back pressure to produce soft raspy duck on the bottom. The call fit him so well not only did he win the coveted Champion of Champions title that year, he also used the same call as a professional guide hunting for the following 32 years.

RNT1125 - Smoke Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Mallard Green Acrylic - $144.99 each


RnT Daisy Slayer Duck Call
Bred from the same DNA as the original Daisy Cutter, the Daisy Slayer has increased back pressure due to its shorter insert and unique bore design which allows it to be free and loose on the bottom for uncanny natural sounding quacks and soft clucks of a Mallard hen without sacrificing the aggressiveness of its predecessor.

RNT1132 - Black & Electric Blue Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Bocote - $84.99 each


RnT Alpha 2 Duck Call
You asked and we delivered. This double reed produces that pure raspy sound of a mallard hen while giving the user the forgiveness and ease of use of a double reed without sacrificing the free bottom of a single reed.

RNT1053 - Bocote - $84.99 Ea.

RnT Short Barrel Duck Call
Snotty, whiney, but not obnoxiously loud. We designed the short barrel to be just that. Marred as the Originals little stepbrother, the Short Barrel has become the nastiest, gnarliest, plain out “bad to the bone” call, ever packed in a 4-1/4 inch duck calling machine. It’s intricately designed toneboard along with its shorter barrel makes for an easier blowing call as well as allowing the caller to come down softer on the call without sacrificing a meaty ducky sound on top. The bore was designed to produce a nasally ducky sound with just the right amount of back pressure to make this an unbelievably awesome, medium volume call. Single Reed.

RNT9565 - Greenhead Tea Acrylic - $139.99 each
- Clear Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Bocote - $84.99 each

Left to Right: Greenhead Tea, Clear, Bocote


RnT Daisy Cutter Duck Call
No contest ring. No gimmicks. No compromising. It’s just pure, raw, balls-to-the-wall, don’t tell your mother, most powerful, non-nuclear duck calling machine on the planet. Modeled after the super nasty Short Barrel, we have added a much more aggressive calling style to its design. It’s a Short Barrel on steroids. We have given the call a higher reed set along with a wider bore to give it a more demanding presence than the Short Barrel, while still maintaining the ability to get down and dirty on the low end. Louder, raunchier, and more powerful than its little brother. This call may not be for everyone. But if you can drive it, Game over. Single Reed.

RNT9206 - Burndown Orange Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Pearl & Black Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Mallard Green Acrylic - $144.99 each
- Bocote - $84.99 each

Left to right: Burndown Orange, Pearl & Black, Mallard Green, Bocote


RnT Old Style Duck Call
We have dug even deeper, gone back even farther, to the beginning days of RNT on this one. Old style logo. Old style sound. And new old style shape. We took the 7th call Butch ever made and duplicated the exact shape, the exact sound, and the exact looks of this call, to bring to you the new, old, old style. 1/4 inch tone channel. 1/4 inch bore. And that 1/4 inch soft, mellow, deep sound, with top to bottom versatility, that could only have been brought to you by Butch’s old garage. Developed in a simpler time, when duck hunting was duck hunting, and duck calling was duck calling. Tie an Old Style on your lanyard, breathe easy, fill your lungs with the air of the outdoors, and step back in a nostalgic time when volume was not as highly regarded in a duck call as a realistic pure ducky sound. Enjoy. Single Reed.

RNT401 - Clear Acrylic - $139.99 each
- Bocote - $84.99 each


RnT Hunter Series Duck Call
The Hunter series duck call comes decked out with a custom crafted wooden barrel and a hand tuned, molded polymer insert. Each piece of wood is hand selected from our fine stock of Bocote. This is a great entry level call with the drop dead gorgeous looks and sound you come to expect from RNT. Single Reed. Includes a lanyard and a 30-minute instructional DVD.

RNT1056 - Bocote - $64.99 Ea.

RnT Microhen Duck Call
The only thing small about this call is its stature, standing in at a whopping 3-3/4 inches tall. The Microhen was developed to provide a call that would produce the higher pitch, squeaky sound of a young hen compared to the deeper, raspier sound of an old boss hen. Because of the calls’ unique size it practically drives itself, from its squeaky prissy bottom end to its top end hail call, very little air is required to operate this call. Micro in size gigantic in sound. The Microhen provides a unique different sound that can help full even the wariest call shy birds.

RNT1058 - Bocote - $69.99 Ea.

RnT Macrohen Duck Call
We have used the popular Microhen design to develop this call. The Macrohen produces a raspier sound than the Microhen but keeps the higher pitch tone, and squeaky cajun squeal, while adding all the forgiveness of a double reed.

RNT1059 - Bocote - $69.99 Ea.

RnT Quack Pipe Duck Call
The Timber aka Quack Pipe, was designed to be a deep, nasally, we blowing, soft, ultra-realistic call that is easy for the average caller to replicate the pure sounds of an ol’ sassy mallard hen. The advantage of this call is its ability to produce softer nasally quacks and pure duck sounds with less effort due to its built-in back pressure and unique tone board design. This is the perfect call for situations when realistic, nasty calling, at softer volumes, is a must. Single Reed Duck Call.

RNT015 - Orange & Clear - $24.99 Ea.

RnT Quack Stacker Duck Call
Quacked, Stacked and ready to roll. Two reeds stacked on top of each other to possibly, no absolutely, make this the deadliest, easiest blowing, double reed to ever stomp through the marsh. Designed on a floating wedge block Cajun style design, this call was built to produce a easy, deep, ducky sound of a double reed, but provide more of a funky, down and dirty presence and looseness in it's operation than your typical double reed.

RNT014 - Red & Clear - $24.99 Ea.

RnT Replacement Reed Sets
Replacement reeds and corks for your RNT Single and Double Reed Calls.

RNT930 - Single Reed Replacement Set - $3.99 Ea.
RNT931 - Double Reed Replacement Set - $5.99 Ea.


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