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Knutson's Live Bait

Primos Mallard Calls

Pro Mallard Call
The Pro Mallard™ reed design makes this call an easy to blow call. This call can be used with very little air pressure. You won't wear yourself out blowing this call.
• Single-reed call
• Blows when wet
• Sounds great in timber or over open water
• Made with .010 Mylar reed for raspy quacks to clear high calls
• Special tuning hole in the bell to sound like more than one duck

PM-804 - $13.99 Ea.

Easy Mallard Call
The name says it all for the Primos® Easy Mallard™. This call barely requires any air to blow, yet it produces great duck sounds. If you are looking for a duck call that is easy to blow, but very "ducky", then this is the call for you!
• Single-reed call
• Blows when wet
• .010" thin Mylar reed makes it super easy to blow

PM-805 - $13.99 Ea.

Mean Mallard Call
These calls make no bones about being designed for the contest stage. They have super-loud ringing hail calls and are bored out for maximum volume, so you can catch the ear of the most discriminating judge. Each call is individually turned from cast acrylic.
• Bored Out for Maximum Volume
• Hand Turned Acrylic for the Competition Stage

PM-8871 - $89.99 Ea.

Original Wench Call
All Wenches feature ridges and ditches on the sounding board that give the call its raspy highs and lows and keep the call from sticking. In addition to ridges and ditches, the Original Wench features a tuning hole in the bell or stopper, which allows you to change the pitch of the call and sound like two different ducks. Covered, the call is lower in pitch and uncovered it is higher. Perfect for timber and open water calling. You won't be disappointed.

PM-820 - $19.99 Ea.

Duck Whistle & Mallard Drake Grunt Call
The Duck Whistle & Mallard Drake Grunt call easily reproduces the call of four species of ducks - pintails, widgeons, greenwing teal and mallard drakes

PM-813 - $7.99 Ea.

High Roller Mallard Call
Never before has producing the rolling, fluttering whistle of the pintail been done so easily. The roller built into the High Roller makes the whistle flutter automatically just like the whistle of ducks. The High Roller also reproduces the mallard drake grunt and whistle of the widgeon and teal.

PM-838 - $17.99 Ea.

Timber Wench Mallard Call
As in all Wench calls, the Timber Wench features ridges and ditches on the sounding board giving the call its raspy highs and lows and keeping the call from sticking. Guides and hunters alike say that the Wench family of calls are the duckiest duck calls they have ever blown.

PM-819 - $19.99 Ea.

Feedin' Mallard Call
The Feedin' Mallard is so easy; anyone can pick it up and make the feed call just like a mallard duck. When combined with your favorite duck call you sound like a flock of mallards.

PM-829 - $19.99 Ea.

P.H.A.T. Lady - Ducks Unlimited Special Edition Mallard Call
The P.H.A.T. Lady is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a large sound port designed for increased volume, which is ideal for open water conditions. The duck's know it's over when The P.H.A.T. Lady sings!

PM-858 - $27.99 Ea.

The Nag Mallard Call
We had fun trying to name this call. We came up with the name Nag while field-testing the call on call-shy ducks, in a Louisiana Tupelo Gum Break. You see, The Nag seemed to be the perfect name because we had to beg those call-shy mallards to land in our decoys. So, when you want an easy blowing call for those call-shy ducks, Nag em' in with The Nag.

PM-846 - $17.99 Ea.

Loretta Hen Mallard Call
This classy double-reed duck call is crafted from select hardwood. The stopper is shaped to fit the contour of your hand giving you a comfortable hold. The hardwood barrel and stopper allows you to reproduce the sounds that ducks literally die for. From subtle close-in calling to loud mouth nagging, this call will do it all. We fell in love with this Loretta Hen from day one and know you will as well.

PM-879 - $42.99 Ea.

Yo' Sista - Ducks Unlimited Special Edition Mallard Call
The Yo' Sista is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a smaller sound port designed for subtle calling, which is ideal for call-shy ducks or hunting in flooded timber. She is one of the sweetest girls around.

PM-859 - $27.99 Ea.

Over & Under Double Reed Mallard Call
If you’re like us, you’ve missed more than one chance to call a mallard drake or a whistling duck that may be coming by your set-up, because you couldn’t put your call down and pick up your duck whistle quick enough when ducks were circling - timing is everything! That’s why we built the Over & Under. It’s a duck whistle over a mallard call. This allows you to simply move your lips up to the duck whistle to make a widgeon, teal, mallard drake grunt or pintail whistle at just the right time. We hope you will enjoy the Over & Under as much as we have. Timing is everything!

PM-884 - $19.99 Ea.

Fusion Acrylic P.H.A.T. Lady Mallard Call
Fusion calls combine the beauty of acrylic and affordability of a precision polycarbonate call. Each call is individually turned and polished from cast acrylic and is laser-engraved. The Fusion Acrylic P.H.A.T. Lady is an Arkansas style, single-reed call that features a large sound port designed for increased volume, which is ideal for open-water conditions. We named this call the P.H.A.T. Lady because she sounds Pretty, Hot And Tempting! It's all over for ducks when the P.H.A.T. Lady sings!

PM-8714 - Jagged Ice Red - $59.99 Ea.

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