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Knutson's Live Bait

Snow/Blue Goose Calls

Snow/Speck Goose Call
This Snow/Speck Goose call makes all the sounds of the Snow and Specklebelly Geese. From the sharp barks to the sweet feeding sounds it will do it all. Very easy to do all the HA HA sounds of the Speck. Excellent volume and easy to control.

TGS - Snow/Speck Goose Call - $24.99 Ea.
R-GT-1 -
Replacement Reed - $2.99 Ea.


Goose Commander Snow Goose Call
This Snow Goose call is made with a short reed to achieve deep, raspy goose sounds. A finger groove has been added to the design to keep your hands tight when you quiet down on calling them in.
• Short reed
• Worn in guts style

DC-SNOW - Goose Commander Snow Goose Call - $25.99 Ea.


Blizzard Snow Goose Call
• Blows wet
• Clarity of acrylic
• O-ring seal stops air leaks

ML-13 - Blizzard Snow Goose Call - $37.99 Ea.


Snow Hammer Goose Call
The Snow Hammer snow goose call is a "must have" for the serious snow goose hunter. Featuring our "Quick Tune Guts", the call can be disassembled for cleaning and reassembled correctly in seconds. From a snow goose's sharpest bark, to the depth of a growling feed call, this call will do it all. Now with our NEW gun metal band.

BG-SGSR-WH - Snow Hammer Goose Call - $27.99 Ea.


Multi-Language Snow Goose Call
• High volume - creates a loud sound with little effort.
• Hand tuned and tested for perfect sound
• Blows loud and clear under all conditions

ML-131 - Multi-Language Snow Goose Call - $44.99 Ea.


RnT Quack Head Snow Goose Call
The Rich-N-Tone Quack Head Snow Goose Call is designed and built for the die-hard, hardcore waterfowler who demands true, consistent sounds and performance, even under the most extreme hunting conditions. Each call is individually tuned and tested to ensure that you are blowing the highest-quality, most effective, insanely realistic production call in the field!

RNT020 - Black & White - $24.99 Ea.

Snow/Blue/Ross Goose Call
The Snow/Blue/Ross goose call is a favorite among many guides. This wooden maple call produces a crisp sound of the white geese.

IR-SBR11 - Snow/Blue/Ross Goose Call - $44.99 Ea.


Snow Goose Call
Our Snow Goose call was designed to meet the demands of serious goose hunters. It features a short reed toneboard and a soft, flexible body that produces the most natural sound imaginable. The patented design allows you to accurately control volume, tone and back pressure. The big barrel gives this call plenty of volume.

FG-GOOS-00007 - Snow Goose Call - $15.99 Ea.


Great White Snow Goose Call
The Great White Snow goose call Features a hybrid design acrylic tone board for extra volume and ease of blowing. Many pitches can be achieved with this call simply by opening or closing your hand.
Features: Double “O” rings.

HGW-18 - Great White Snow Goose Call - $42.99 Ea.


Blue and Snow Goose Call
The B-14 is a resonant chamber design in that it has a long reed. Larger diameter barrel allows this call to be blown louder to carry further on windy days.

HB-14 - Blue and Snow Goose Call - $17.99 Ea.


Blue & Snow Goose Call
Produces shrill, raucous sounds of Blue and Snow Geese. Easy blowing allows some guides to blow 2 calls at a time.

B81 - Blue & Snow Goose Call - $12.99 Ea.
R-H-3 -
Replacement Reed - $1.49 Ea.


Snow Goose Call
A new short-reed style of call for Snows. Very easy to blow. Creates all the sounds that Snow Geese make. Duplicates several different voices to make your spread come to life! Double o-rings included.

SN-04 - Blue & Snow Goose Call - $26.99 Ea.


Shaved Reed Snow Goose Call
The snow goose voice is a challenge to reproduce accurately. To achieve the highs, lows and growls of snow geese, we developed the technology to shave a reed precisely to a certain thickness. The reed is actually shaved in a tapered fashion. This produces a reed with a thicker middle for backbone, and a thinner tip for sensitivity and accuracy in sound. The Shaved Reed Snow takes much less air to blow than other snow calls, with tremendous volume, and overwhelming realism. The accuracy of the sound of the Shaved Reed Snow call will make a difference on your next hunt.

PM-828 - Blue & Snow Goose Call - $24.99 Ea.


Snow/Blue Goose Call
Duplicate the high pitched sounds of the Snow and Blue Goose with this call. Styled in durable plastic for long life.

SS-910 - Snow/Blue Goose Call - $23.99 Ea.

Sure-Shot Game Calls

Zink Snow Storm Goose Call
The waterfowling experts at Zink Calls have combined talents with recognized snow goose hunter, Scott Butz, of Reel Wings and Bird Vision Paints, to introduce the SNOW STORM. This custom acrylic call features a ground breaking revolutionary ported end-piece that allows the resulting tones to spread over a large area, thus creating an intense wall of sound. Tested and perfected over the past two seasons, the Snow Storm perfectly mimics the yelping bark of young snows, yet still allows the caller to duplicate the pleading low-pitched clucks and murmurs of adult birds. Each Snow Storm comes with extra reeds, instructional DVD, a Zink Calls leg band, and a protective hard case.

ZNK-6050 - Snow Storm Goose Call - $142.99 Ea.


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