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Knutson's Live Bait

Flambeau Canada Goose Calls

Flambeau Big River Long Honker Goose Flute
• Captures the mellow tones of the Canada Goose
• The easiest blowing goose call on the market
• Hand crafted
• Field proven
• Size: 14-1/4"L x 5-1/4"W x 1-3/4"H
• MAX 4

FL189 - MAX4 - $29.99 Each

Flambeau Lohman Gold Series Goose Call
The Gold Series Goose Call is a perfect call for a beginner. It's easy to learn and easy to operate! Plus it is very realistic and produces great volume.

FL-1025L - Lohman Gold Series - $10.49 Each


Flambeau Stormfront Arctic Fury Goose Call
The Arctic Fury is built for the everyday hunter looking to produce the most realistic Canada Goose tones to fool the giant Canada geese. The end piece was designed to give the call more built-in back pressure allowing the calls to break with very little air making it easy to operate. The new worn-in internal gut/reed system allows the call to have true goose tones and produce deep guttural honks and clucks.

FL-SF100 - Stormfront Arctic Fury - $21.99 Each


Flambeau Stormfront Chill Factor Goose Call
The Chill Factor puts the meat in the freezer! Featuring a cut down end piece and larger bell, it's built to produce loud sharp honks and clucks. The volume of this call works well on high flying migrators and high wind days when you really need the call to be heard. The new worn-in internal gut/reed system allows the call to have true Canada Goose tones with very quick response time. Day in and day out, high pitch calls take more geese whether you're hunting lessers or giant Canadas.
• Easy operation
• Lightning speed
• High pitched tone
• Extreme volume

FL-SF110 - Stormfront Chill Factor Goose Call - $21.99 Each


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