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Knutson's Live Bait

Teal Duck Calls

Buck Gardner Teal Call
Blue-Winged, Green-Winged, and Cinnamon Teal are known for their high speed and erratic twists and turns as they fly low over a decoy spread. They are favorites with hunters because of the challenge they present. After the teal buzz your decoys that first time, count on this call to get their attention and then bring 'em back! This call perfectly imitates the shrill, sharp quacks of the Teal hen and is a great addition to any waterfowl hunter's lanyard of calls. Single Reed
Color: Blue Barrel/Clear Insert

BG-BWT-CBLU - Buck Gardner Teal Call
$14.99 Each


Flextone Bluewing Teal Call
The flextone Bluewing Teal call sounds more natural because of our patented design. The high-pitched raspy quacks of a Bluewing Hen are easy to produce. Simply squeeze and release this call to change tone and volume in order to sound like multiple birds.

FG-DUCK-00013 - $12.99 Ea.


Haydel's Combination Teal Call
The T2 is a 5-N-1 combination Teal call. One end produces the quacks of Bluewing/Cinnamon Teal while the other is used for Greenwings, Pintail, Widgeon and Mallard drake whistles.

HT2 - Combination Teal Call
$34.99 Each


Haydel's "Big Blue" Bluewinged Teal Call
This new call features double mylar reeds and was developed out of a need for maximum volume situations.

BB-10 - Haydel's "Big Blue" Bluewinged Teal Call
$19.99 Each


Blue Wing & Cinnamon Teal Call
This call produces the screechy quacks of these Teal. Employs a reed system and should not be confused with the Green Wing Teal which whistles.

BT-85 - Blue Wing & Cinnamon Teal Call
$14.99 Each

R-H-4 -
Replacement Reed
$1.49 Each


Sure Shot Bluewing Teal Call
Realistic sound of the hen blue wind teal. Styled in a unique transparent blue and clear plastic.
Double Reed

SS-1005 - Sure Shot Bluewing Teal Call
$18.99 Each


Faulk's Game Call-Blue Wing Teal
Blue Wing Teal call is simple to blow and produce the "tic, tic" sound of the Blue Wing Teal.

FBW-4 - Faulk's Game Call-Blue Wing Teal
$14.99 Each

R-F-5 -
Replacement Reed
$2.49 Each


Mick Lacy's Blue Wing Teal Call
• Blows Wet
• Mylar Reed
• Hand-tuned for Perfect Sound
The Blue Wing Teal makes a high pitched sound exactly like a mallard hen...they make a quack and a rapid 5 or 6 note sound. This Mick Lacy call has been tuned to duplicate this sound.

ML-26 - Mick Lacy's Blue Wing Teal Call
$20.99 Each


Duck Commander Teal Call
With the Duck Commander Teal call you can produce the exact sound of a Blue-winged, Green-winged or Cinnamon Teal Hen. It is designed to be blown extra fast and is an excellent daylight call.

DC-T1 - Duck Commander Teal Call
$10.99 Each


Illinois River Rice Lake Teal Duck
The Rice Lake Teal duck call is made of walnut. This call produces a sound for turning the teal back to your decoy spread. The DJ Calls logo and model number are engraved into the shell.
Measures 4-7/8" Long

IR-RLT06 - Illinois River Rice Lake Teal Duck
$31.99 Each


Faulk's 4-in-1 Call
With 4-in-1 call made of walnut to replace the GW-5 teal call. Used to call Greewing Teals, Widgeons and Drake Mallards.

FGW-41 - Faulk's 4-in-1 Call
$16.99 Each


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